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Readers Photo Challenge: It’s a small world

This month’s readers Photo Challenge assignment was “Close-ups.” There are things that we often overlook living in the regular-sized world. The best of macro/close-up photography looks at the hidden world of the miniature and elevates the details and textures for all to see. Fifteen readers sent in 83 photos. Here are some of the best [...]

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The devil is in the details

When I was a young photo student my instructors told me that there were always pictures within pictures. They would show a student’s photo of an overall scene as an example and then, using their hands, crop into a tighter portion to show how the student missed the show by not getting close enough. Many [...]

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Sweating the small stuff

The latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment of macro/close-up photos required people entering the challenge had to forgo envisioning pictures of grand vistas and think small. The subjects of close-ups are often virtually underfoot and may be ordinarily missed or go unnoticed. One has to forget about the overall and concentrate on the details or in [...]

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Challenge reminder: Close ups

This the last weekend for submissions to the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment : Close-ups. The have been a submissions that have been a little unclear on the concept of a close-up. The definition of a close-up or macro photo is one that is shot as close as your camera will allow, basically the minimum [...]

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It’s a small world

Some genres of photography such as landscapes or architectural photography deal with subjects on a grand scale but for this month’s Readers Photography Challenge assignment you’re going to have to think small, really small. The delicateness of spider’s web, the tenuousness of a raindrop clinging precariously to a leaf or the elegant curve of a [...]

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Let’s get small

The art of macro photography is the art of seeing the unseen. It is the visual exploration of a world on a scale so small that most of us pass by it daily. You can find exotic, almost alien landscapes and subjects that can be no farther away than your backyard of even your pocket. [...]

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