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Mood lighting

(Camera: Canon EOS 20D. Lens: Canon 17-55mm @ 17mm. Exposure: 1/8th sec. @ f/2.8. ISO: 200) For Halloweens past, my daughter has been various Disney princesses, a friendly witch and a gypsy. My son has been things such as Power Rangers, Jedi Knights and Harry Potter. (Camera: Canon EOS 20D. Lens: Canon 17-55mm @ 17mm. […]

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Light food

On cooking shows such as Top Chef or Iron Chef, the chefs try not only to make food that tastes good but looks good as well. Presentation is a big part of their recipes. Front lit chicken cooking on the grill at the EL Rancho Inn’s 70th birthday free barbecue in Stockton (Camera: Nikon D300. […]

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The right light

A flash can be used for not only bringing light to dark situations, but to bring two distinctly different light values – such as one very bright, the other very dark — closer together. In photographic terms it’s called fill-flash, usually used to fill-in shadows created by a harsh outdoor sun, especially at midday. I […]

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A pocketful of light

David Hobby’s Strobist blog has an entry on an app for the iPhone called myLite. With it you can use your phone in some low-light situations to give a nice little accent light to your photos. (Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: Nikkor 70-200mm @ 200mm. Exposure: 1/60th sec @ f. 2.8. ISO: 1000) Before naturalization ceremony […]

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