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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Phoning it in

Who’s world’s the biggest camera maker? Canon? Nikon? Neither; it’s Apple. Yes, Apple, the maker of computers, the iPad and the ubiquitous iPhone. It’s that popularity of the iPhone and its built-in camera that propels it past all of the traditional camera manufacturers. For a few years now Apple and other mobile phone companies have […]

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Links: Phoning it in

I have a theory that cell phone cameras may eventually replace the point-and-shoot camera. There are some that are pretty sophisticated (such as the Canon G11), but most point-and-shoots are designed to be small, lightweight and easy to use. The fact that nearly everyone has a cell phone and improvements in picture quality of those […]

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Fancy equipment

The iPhone Fashion Shoot – Lee Morris Shoots With The 3GS Fstoppers from FStoppers on Vimeo. A camera is just a machine. Set it on a table and it’ll just sit there. For it to record a picture there has to be someone looking through the viewfinder then to press the button. To take a […]

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Available lighting

Sometimes a studio food shot takes a lot of skill and equipment to set up. Some can take hours to position the lights just right to make the food look succulent and delicious. Some location shots can take just as long if not longer. Other times you just need to use the available light to […]

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iPhone: circa 1,300 BC

As we waited for our tour of the Tut exhibit to begin, I saw several undated photographs by English Egyptologist and archaeological photographer Harry Burton lining the walls of the hallway. One in particular caught my attention. It was the side of a wooden box found in Tut’s tomb. On it was a cartouche or […]

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iPhone, you-phone, we all phone for iPhone.

(Camera: iPhone: Lens: 3.8mm. Exposure: 1/974th sec. @ f/2.8. ISO: 70) A couple of weeks ago, my wife got a cool new iPhone. One of its features is a built-in camera. It’s only a few megapixels and doesn’t have a flash or zoom, but the quality of the pictures is surprisingly good. During the several […]

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A Charrmer

I’ve said that it’s the photographer that takes the picture, not the camera. Sacramento-based photographer Charr Crail, one my oldest and dearest friends, is a perfect example of this. (Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: Nikkor 17-35mm @ 30mm. Exposure: f/8.0 @ 1/15, ISO 200) Charr is one of the most creative people I have ever met. […]

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