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Readers Photo Challenge: Raise a glass

The subject for the June/July Readers Photo Challenge was “glass.” The difficulties for the assignment were twofold. First, photographing glass one has to deal with it’s physical qualities. Glass is often transparent so properly dealing with the background very important. It’s also shiny and one has to also look to eliminate unwanted reflections or incorporate […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: As smooth as glass

The subject for the next readers Photo Challenge assignment is as clear as day: glass. Glass has some interesting qualities that can make it challenging to photograph well. Most glass is clear, sometimes to the point of near invisibility. It’s only when we see reflections upon it, from light or the surrounding scenery, that we […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: As smooth as glass

This months assignment was “glass.” Even in this is the age of plastics, glass is still used widely. Items made of glass can be functional or decorative. They can range from windows to ornamental snow globes and beyond. Here are some of the best examples of the 45 photos that 15 readers sent in. _____________________________________ […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Glass

Glass is the subject of the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Glass objects are notoriously difficult to photograph. Take time in looking at the subject carefully before taking a picture of it. Unwanted reflections, including your own, can be a problem. Take steps to remove those reflections. If it’s a light, turn it off. Sometimes […]

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A casualty

For my last column on how to light glass, I decided to bring a few items from home to photograph. I checked out the refrigerator and saw a bottle of sparkling cider that would work nicely as a subject. I rooted around some more and found a bottle of wine tucked away in the back. […]

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House of glass

A few weeks ago a reader emailed me asking how to photograph jewelry and glassware. She wanted to record them for insurance purposes. Glass is one of the hardest things to photograph. Its shiny surface can pick up every little reflection. To make a proper photo of a glass item you have to take great […]

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A little Windex, please?

When we photograph a Stockton Thunder hockey game, sometimes we shoot from the concourse level from up above, but we usually shoot through the plexiglas that surrounds the ice at the Stockton Arena. You really get a sense of the action when you’re near the ice. The problem is the ‘glas has become covered in […]

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