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Into each life some rain must fall

It’s been several years since I’ve shot a football game in any kind of significant rain. The drought has made sure that many fall and winter Friday nights would be dry as a bone. Even with last year’s El Niño weather pattern I was able to get away with nary a drop falling on me. […]

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You can’t be everywhere all the time

In an NFL game on Nov. 30, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made a spectacular one-handed, fingertip catch of a 43-yard pass at the goal line over Dallas Cowboy’s Brandon Carr. A photo of the play went viral on Twitter not just because it was a shot of a great moment (which […]

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Playing our part

“…we’ve got that momentary time of exhilaration when you hoist that championship trophy over your head, and I don’t know what happens, but some mystical blood kinship is formed. And although it’s a fleeting moment, that kinship lasts for the rest of your life. And the thing I’m most proud of with my teams is […]

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Out of the mouths of babes

When shooting a football game, we often look for more than what’s going on out on the field. Often during breaks in the action, I scan the bleachers for something out of the ordinary. During a recent game between the Chavez Titans and the Tracy Bulldogs at Franklin High School in Stockton (Chavez’s field is […]

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The long and short of football

In photography there’s a saying that goes “it’s not the camera/equipment that takes a great picture, it’s the photographer.” In shooting football, that’s mostly true. Mostly. Most people think that to shoot sports such as football you need a super long telephoto lens. That’s mostly the case. In photographing football (and sports in general), given […]

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One Monday way back when I was on my JV football team, we reviewed a film of the previous Friday’s game. If I remember the game, we won handily, but on one kickoff the opposing receiver broke several tackles and was on his way to an open field and a potential touchdown. Only one of […]

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Too much of a good thing

You would think that if the football team you’re sent out to cover is head and shoulders above its opposition that they would be easy to shoot. But sometimes that’s not the case. Several weeks ago, I shot the Millennium High Falcons of Tracy as they took on the first-year Emery Secondary School Spartans in […]

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Leader of the band

“The Hey Song” has become a high school marching/pep band staple. The song, also known as “Rock and Roll” by 70s British glam rocker Gary Glitter, has an infectious beat and a rousing chorus of the single word “hey!” for everyone to sing (or shout as the case may be) in unison. Several weeks ago, […]

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I was an offensive lineman on my high school football team in the late 1970s. My job, as with all interior linemen, was to protect the quarterback and make holes in the defensive line for the running backs to run through and to block those who might tackle him. During downfield blocking assignments in addition […]

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Talk to the hand

I shot a varsity football game between McNair High and Lodi High at McNair’s Stadium in Stockton. It was an early-season game and was kind of sloppy. Penalties were being committed left and right (they were called on both sides, but Lodi seemed to shoulder the majority of it). Some big ones, too. Holding calls […]

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