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Readers Photo Challenge: Filling the void

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment, “fill-flash,” may proved too challenging for some. Only 2 people sent in all of 3 qualified photos. I can understand trying a new technique can be intimidating but this one is an important one to learn. I use it all the time. In the two weeks between the issuance […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Having your fill

The next Readers Photo Challenge assignment entails a technique that may seem complicated but actually can be accessible to even the novice photographer. Fill-flash (or flash fill as it is sometimes called) is method used by using the flash during the day, usually on portraits. It may sound a bit strange to use a flash […]

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The great outdoor (portrait)

Another assignment I remember from my old photo-student days was the outdoor portrait and it, like the front, side and back lighting assignment, was a lesson in light. You would think that shooting outside would be pretty easy. There is plenty of light, so worrying about having a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate camera […]

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In a (fill) flash

From portraits to landscapes the best light to shoot under is usually found early in the morning or late in the afternoon/ early evening hours. The pictures take at those times are much more pleasing due to the low angle of the sun and the warm quality of the light. The midday sun provides lots […]

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Quick as a flash

I found a shot of a guy who has applied my mom’s philosophy of providing food for guests (too much is not enough) to his on-camera flash use. Maybe he’s compensating for some strobe envy. Why use a flash outdoors on a bright sunny day? Early morning or late afternoon light can be wonderful, coming […]

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Why I need three hands

A sailboat passes by some golden poppies growing along the banks of the deep water channel at Buckley Cove Park in Stockton. I saw theses golden poppies growing on the banks of the deep water channel for a nice scenic shot at Buckley Cove Park in Stockton. I used a used a Cokin graduated filter […]

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