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Don’t be fooled

Many people have experienced this scenario: They’re photographing something like a concert, play or graduation and the main subject is extremely overexposed to the point of glowing like the sun. What happened? The camera’s default position is to read the overall amount of light of a scene. Quite often the aforementioned scenes will have a [...]

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The “right” exposure

Sometimes the right exposure isn’t the best exposure, or at least the one you want to use. You may not want to it with every shot, but there are times when you might want to under- or overexpose a photo to get a desired effect. Used often in fashion photography, there is what’s called the [...]

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My left hand

All cameras’ internal light meters are calibrated to read a scene to average out as 18% gray. Around 60 to 70 years ago, when meters were first built into cameras, that value was decided upon by the photo powers that be. In the old days, it usually meant lining up a needle in a circle [...]

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