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Smoke and mirrorless

I haven’t talked much about digital mirrorless cameras in this space for the simple fact that I haven’t had much experience with them. I’ve read about them and even held one in my hands but that’s it. Mirrorless cameras were first introduced around 2008. By 2018 they accounted for nearly half of all camera sales. […]

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For work I carry around with me thousands of dollars worth of equipment. From the digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) camera to the lenses and flashes, it’s all pretty high end gear. Occasionally when I’m on assignment I’ll run across someone who’s impressed with my equipment and they’ll say something like: “That’s a great camera, I bet […]

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Fancy camera

“Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer.  It makes you a Nikon owner. ” – Author unknown When I’m out on assignment, people will frequently say, “That’s a fancy camera, I bet it takes great pictures.” I understand where they’re coming from, but I’ve always believed that It’s person behind the camera that takes […]

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