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From chump to chimp

The term “chimping” is one that not all photographers may know but everyone does it, whether they admit it or not. First written about by USA Today photographer Bob Deutsch, it refers to the act of reviewing pictures on the camera’s monitor immediately after taking it. Sports Illustrated photographer Robert Beck says that it isn’t […]

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Monkey see, monkey do

The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce – instantly.” – Demetri Martin In the digital age a relatively new phenomenon has arisen called “chimping.” The term, sometimes attributed to USA Today photographer Bob Deutsch, refers not only to the reviewing of pictures on the monitor on the back of […]

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From champ to chimp

(Camera: Canon 20D.Lens Canon 300mm. Exposure: 1/50th sec. @ f/7.1. ISO: 200) Hi, I’m Clifford and I chimp. “Chimping” refers to the reviewing of the monitor on the back of digital cameras soon after the picture is taken. The term has been attributed to USA Today photographer Bob Deutsch who used it to describe not […]

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