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Readers Photo Challenge: De-Color my world

“The world is black, the world is white It turns by day and then by night” – David I. Arkin and Earl Robinson. This month’s Readers Photo Challenge was “black and white” and I was pleasantly surprised at the response to the assignment. I thought the interest in black and white photography was on the […]

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Seeing in black and white

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment issued last week is black and white. Many of today’s digital cameras have a setting to make them shoot in a colorless mode, German camera manufacturer even has a digital model that shoots black and white exclusively. There are free apps that you can get for your cellphone for […]

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As clear as black and white

  While the previous Readers Photo Challenge was all about color, the new assignment is about the lack of it. In the beginning of photography technology limited things to one choice: black and white. Great art was born out of this single choice. Photographic legends such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Henri Cartier Bresson took the medium to […]

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April 1 News

April 1, 2014 – The Record has just announced that starting today all photos printed in the paper and on its Web site Recordnet.com will be in black and white. As printing costs skyrocket all papers are looking for ways to save money and not having to buy the cyan, magenta and yellow inks can […]

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Live and in living black and white

Not only did I judge this year’s Youth division of the San Joaquin County Fair’s Photography Show, but due to a last minute snag, photo show coordinator Mark Findlay asked me to judge the adult divisions as well. So instead of determining the merit of about 200 photos, I was charged with the fate of […]

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