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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: On the Homefront

With state and local edicts of “stay-at-home” (or even for some counties the more strict “shelter-in-place”) in effect during this time of the COVID-19 virus, getting out to take pictures is more difficult than ever. I struggled to come up with a subject for the next challenge, then I remembered an assignment I had back […]

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Reader Photo Challenge: Backyard inspiration

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment was to find a subject to photograph no further than one’s backyard. The goal of the challenge is to find inspiration in something close to home as picturesque. It’s common that one can see things that are familiar to them as ordinary and perhaps not worth a picture, but […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Out your backdoor

“There’s a giant doing cartwheels a statue wearin’ high heels Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn A dinosaur Victrola list’ning to Buck Owens Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my backdoor” – Out My Backdoor – John Fogerty When I was a photo student way back in the stone-age, one of my […]

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In your own backyard

When I was in college, one of my advanced photo class assignments was to take a picture of or in my backyard. The lesson was to teach us to look beyond the ordinary. One can become inured to the things we see every day and take for granted the beauty in that which lies around us. […]

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(Camera: Canon 20D. Lens: Canon 50mm macro. Exposure: 1/125th sec. @ f/8. ISO:400) Some people think that to get great pictures, you need to get to a exotic locale. True, you can make some wonderful pictures if you travel to, say Yosemite, Hawaii, or Katmandu. It’s easy to take great pictures of someplace new and […]

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