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Art and Craft

“Art is in everything, man. I went to a museum the other day. After you come out of that museum everything looks like a piece of art…you look at the paintings and yeah they’re pretty cool, but look at this guy’s face, look at this beautiful girl here – all these walking sculptures, you know […]

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The beauty of decay and the discarded

Seattle-based photographic artist Chris Jordan’s project “Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption” consists of pictures he made of piles of things that people have used and discarded. They’re of things that people don’t think of as inspiration of subjects of art: discard cell phones, tossed cigarette butts, junked cars and more. I know he’s […]

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Not so itsy-bitsy spider

If you watched the old Hanna/Barbera animated TV series Jonny Quest in the 1960s, then you probably remember the episode with the giant robot spider. In the show, Jonny’s Dad, Dr. Benton Quest, is working on a top secret weapon for the government and the evil Dr. Napoleon Zin sends the ‘bot to spy on […]

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Art with fun

One of the things I like to see at the State Fair is the California Fine Art exhibition. It’s interesting to the creativity that artists express through paintings, sculpture and, of course for me, photography. Perhaps to go along with this year’s theme of weird wild and wacky, there seemed to be more entries than […]

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Art of the state

Reid Stultz of San Angelo, Texas, looks at a painting by Kyle Larson of Sacramento titled “Limbo Street” on display at the California Fine Arts exhibit at Cal Expo on the first day of the California State Fair in Sacramento. (Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: 70-200mm @ 135mm. Exposure: 1/125th sec.@ f/2.8. ISO: 400) The California […]

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