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Word up

TOP LEFT: University of the Pacific student Joshua Wong poses for a picture in a photo studio for the One Word Project at the DeRosa University Center on the UOP campus in the Stockton.TOP RIGHT: University of the Pacific student Prajakta Prasana takes a picture during a One Word photo session at UOP’s DeRosa University […]

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Human of New York

“New York is the meeting place of the peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical American.” – Djuna Barnes About a year and a half ago, my daughter showed me the “Humans of New York” Facebook page. She, a budding young photographer, and I, a nearly 30-year veteran shooter, quickly became […]

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Just beachy

At there is a glossary that gives the terms used in volleyball. Almost everyone has heard of the word “spike”: “A hit or attack where the ball is contacted with force by a player on the offensive team who intends to terminate the ball on the opponent’s floor or off the opponent’s blocker.” And […]

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Bring on da noise

“My friend has a baby. I’m recording all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant.” – Stephen Wright Do you remember those posters that looked like seemingly white noise back in about the 1980’s or ‘90s. They looked static-y snow patterns seen on some channel-less TV sets but if […]

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Not on a roll

Also during the Pacific/UC Santa Barbara baseball game a high pop foul ball was hit to the first-base bleachers. It reached the apex of its tall arc and came down onto the vinyl shade covering of one of the VIP “suites.” The coverings are slanted similarly to a roof on a house, so everyone assumed […]

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If I had a hammer

During a recent University of the Pacific baseball game against U.C. Santa Barbara I noticed Pacific player Brett Christopher in the dugout wielding a sledge hammer. He wasn’t swinging it, just rested it over his left shoulder. I guess it was used as a training bat, its heavier weight used to build up strength. Or […]

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A non-sequential sequence

Coincidences happen. In sports alone I’ve shot opposing players with the same numbers, jersey numbers in sequence, even twin brothers tackling the same ball carrier at the same time. I recently shot a women’s soccer game between University of the Pacific and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo at Pacific’s A.A. Stagg Memorial Stadium in Stockton, […]

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Have a seat

I saw this unique training technique while at the University of the Pacific’s Chris Kjeldsen Pool. Some members of the Tiger Aquatics Swim Club were swimming laps, nothing unusual there. A few were holding water polo-sized balls above their heads as they swam. Not too unusual either. I’ve seen water polo players, who have to […]

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Cart before the horse

I recently saw this sign near the front of the Faye Spanos Concert Hall on the University of the Pacific campus in Stockton. I don’t know what the events were, but wouldn’t Coma come before Jumpstart?

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During a University of the Pacific women’s volleyball match against U.C. Davis at UOP’s Spanos Center recently, Pacific’s Samantha Misa dug down deep to return a hard spike by the Davis team. As the ball rebounded skyward from her hands, Misa’s momentum continued to carry her toward the floor. Her left leg was outstretched and […]

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