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Taking a socially distanced break

On Labor Day weekend my family and I decided to take a little trip to escape the valley smoke and triple-digit temperatures. We decided on a day trip, someplace within a 2-hour drive. But where to go while still maintaining social distancing protocols? We had been to Half Moon Bay a few times before and […]

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Virtual travelogue #4: The City by the Bay

San Francisco isn’t so far away that most of us haven’t visited it at one point or another, but with the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders in effect we may not be able to travel there anytime soon no matter how close it is. San Francisco is a very recognizable city and finding new sights can […]

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Virtual travelogue #2: The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is world famous and is a must-see attraction if you’re ever in the city. Here are just some of the animals that can be seen there.

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Semper Gumby

Some photographers say that you should come up with your photos on the spot without any preconceived ideas. But I think that having some sort of outline or framework of what you want to shoot can be a helpful just as longs you don’t go into a situation with a rigid plan without being able […]

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Travel Practice

May is coming to an end soon graduations will take place and then after that summer vacation and all the photos you’ll take while you’re on the road. Vacation photos are essentially the same as travel photography. Like all things, the more you practice at travel pictures the better you’ll get at it. But short […]

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Off the beaten path

A few weeks ago, when my daughter, son and I were on our time-limited drive across the country we did manage to take one side trip. In an art class, my daughter Claire learned about a public land art installation called the Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt located in northwestern Utah, in the northern tip […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Beyond the postcards

The subject of the current readers Photo Challenge assignment is “vacation.” When people think of vacation pictures they think of postcards of iconic places such as the Eiffel Tower, Washington Monument or Statue of Liberty, but the best travel photos go beyond showing the standard cliché pictures. They show a sense of place and the […]

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Make time

File this under “do as I say, not as I do.” In vacation photography, I always recommend building in some time to take pictures when traveling. Stop for a few days or even just a few hours to get out of your car, look around and get a sense of the place. Well, recently I […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Vacation

With children returning to school summer is starting to wind down which makes it the perfect time for the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Vacation. Vacation photos are basically travel photos. A good travel picture conveys the sense of place to land you’ve traveled to. A few years ago my son went to Japan on […]

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My kingdom for a horse.

As I’ve stated previously, it seems that there’s a statue of a guy on a horse nearly everywhere you go in Washington D.C. Not true, of course, but there are a lot of them. According to there are 29 equestrian statues in the D.C. area (28 men and 1 woman – Joan of Arc). […]

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