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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Vacation

With children returning to school summer is starting to wind down which makes it the perfect time for the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Vacation. Vacation photos are basically travel photos. A good travel picture conveys the sense of place to land you’ve traveled to. A few years ago my son went to Japan on [...]

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My kingdom for a horse.

As I’ve stated previously, it seems that there’s a statue of a guy on a horse nearly everywhere you go in Washington D.C. Not true, of course, but there are a lot of them. According to there are 29 equestrian statues in the D.C. area (28 men and 1 woman – Joan of Arc). [...]

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Library of Congress

I briefly mentioned the Library of Congress earlier. It was one of the most impressive places that we visited in Washington D.C. I have to admit that before out trip all I knew about the Library of Congress is what I saw in the movie National Treasure II, where the film’s heroes go running through [...]

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Four days in Washington D.C.

Last month I took an all too short family vacation to Washington D.C. It was our first time to visit the city, which gave me an opportunity to put into practice some travel photography techniques. There is so much to see in our nation’s Capitol, where it seems that there’s a statue of a guy [...]

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Making the best of a situation

When we travel we all like to take pictures to capture the memories of the trip. It’s always preferable to find or wait for the best light of the day. That usually means the quality of light that one finds early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Sunlight at those times usually has [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: On holiday

The assignment for the current Readers Photo Challenge was to send in your best photos of your summer vacation. From weekend getaways to extended vacations everyone can use some time off to rest, relax and recharge their batteries. Some of us travel to distant lands while others go no further than a day trip. Whether [...]

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Too close for comfort

There’s a saying in photography that goes: “if your pictures aren’t good enough, it means that you’re not close enough.” One of the biggest picture-taking mistakes that people make is that they’re too far away. But occasionally there are times when you can get a little too close for comfort. My family and I traveled [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: What you did on your summer vacation

For the newest Readers Photo Challenge we’re going to revisit one that was done last year. Twenty-nine people sent in 114 photos making it one of the most popular assignments. “Vacations: The Sequel” is this month’s theme. Getting a good vacation photo is more than just taking a snapshot of a particular landmark or event. [...]

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Readers Challenge assignment: On holiday

Nearly everyone takes pictures while on vacation. Some record the places that they’ve been to; others show themselves in those locations. To me the best travel photos go beyond the simple snapshot. They capture the flavor and the beauty of lands and sights of their adventures and the people that live and/or visit there. This [...]

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Road food

My family and I have traveled up Interstate 5 to visit my wife’s sister’s family in southern Oregon many times. While we’ve stopped in several of the tiny towns that dot the map along the freeway for fuel, food or rest, there are many more that we’ve just driven right through. On our way back [...]

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