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Hurry up and wait…and wait…

Some people may think that covering a standoff situation is dramatic and gripping. For the majority of times nothing can be further from the truth. Things move at a glacial pace. There’s hours upon hours of waiting for something, anything to happen. And as often as not, the house that the suspect was supposed to […]

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Pyrocumulous clouds

In very large wildfires there’s a phenomenon that can sometimes happen called “pyrocumulous clouds.” They can be greyish to a dirty white and look like a thunderstorm hovering over the fire area. According to the Web site the Weather Notebook, the fire basically creates its own weather system. Moisture is released from the burning vegetation […]

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Random Photo #12: Fire to the east, fire to the west

A couple of months ago, just a little before sunset I covered a large fire at a walnut dehydrator on a farm along on East Main Street on the edge of the Stockton city limits on the east side of town. Law enforcement blocked off the street, which was filled with firefighters and engines battling […]

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My wife has relatives in Alabama who, on more than one occasion, have told her that they wouldn’t want to move to California because of all the earthquakes we get here. They say: “We don’t know how y’all can live out there.” I’ve felt only two earthquakes in my lifetime. The first when I was […]

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Season of lights

During the holiday season Christmas lights brighten the night, both literally and figuratively. They fill the cold winter darkness with an inviting, festive glow, but they aren’t the only lights that fill the nighttime with color. Last month I had just returned to the office from an evening of photographing Christmas lights around Stockton. Though […]

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Often when suspects are placed in the back of a law enforcement vehicle instead of taken immediately to the appropriate agency or the jail, they will just sit in the car while arresting officers fill out paperwork or do some additional investigation of the scene. When news photographers show up, the suspects often do their […]

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Spot news

Working for a newspaper I sent out on what are called “spot news” events. These are unplanned hard news happenings such as fires, shootings or accidents. A few days ago instead of covering one, I was involved in one. I was driving to work on I-5 a few days ago when I was involved in […]

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Same, same

I shot an accident a few days ago that had a bit of a different twist. On California Street near Sixth street in south Stockton, an Infiniti M45 luxury sedan (Infiniti’s top of the line) hit head-on with …an Infiniti M45. It’s the first time I’ve shot a two-car crash where both the vehicles were […]

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The tale of one wet shoe

I’ve written a few times about finding a lone shoe on the side of the road. Such finds can be anything from running shoes to loafers. Often long abandoned and forgotten, one can only guess the stories behind them. Recently I came across one with an amazing tale. I heard a call on the police […]

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Here he comes to save the day

Photo courtesy San Jose Police Department Manteca native Kim Komenich is no stranger to the news. A former San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle photographer and now an assistant professor for new media at San Jose State University, Komenich won the Pulitzer for Spot News Photography in 1987 for his coverage of the Philippine revolution. But […]

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