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“Art is long and life is short” – Hippocrates

There’s a saying in photography that goes: “the best zoom lens your feet,” meaning that you should try to get physically as close to your subject as you can. That’s certainly true but there are times when you can’t get as close as you want. That’s where a telephoto lens comes in. There are 2 [...]

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Oh, say can you sing?

After a very contentious election season I found my faith in America at least momentarily restored while covering a girls varsity basketball game a few weeks ago. East Union played their crosstown rivals Manteca at Manteca’s Winter Gym. I had gotten to the game a bit early and was waiting for the warm ups to [...]

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A timeout for timeouts

There are 2 words that many sports shooters hate to hear, or at least I don’t when I’m photographing sports: “Media timeout.” For those who attend a sporting event that’s being televised, you will inevitably hear those words at some point during the game. It means that play is being stopped for a commercial break [...]

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The anatomy of a sports shot

The ability to capture peak action is a necessity for a sports photographer. Sure, one should know how to get things like action away from the ball, sports portraits, victory/defeat shots, among other techniques, but peak action is a sports shooter’s bread and butter. The best sports photographers not only know where to position themselves [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Grace from fall

The season of Autumn is well upon us which is the inspiration for the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Fall. What most epitomizes the season is the color of fall leaves. With the shortening of the days and, to a lesser extent, the cooler days, changes them from their verdant greens to hues of red [...]

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Into each life some rain must fall

It’s been several years since I’ve shot a football game in any kind of significant rain. The drought has made sure that many fall and winter Friday nights would be dry as a bone. Even with last year’s El Niño weather pattern I was able to get away with nary a drop falling on me. [...]

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Random photo #68: Judge for yourself

A line judge’s red hat stands out against the green of court 2 at the University of the Pacific’s Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center during a match between USA’s Dennis Nevolo and Canada’s Phillip Bester in the 2016 Stockton Men’s ATP Challenge Tennis tournament in Stockton

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Time has come today

In a recent article published by Popular Photography, photo agency Getty Images says that it will only take 120 seconds from the time a photo is shot at the Rio Olympics to when it get published on their website. In this day of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat when you can you can post pictures nearly [...]

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By the numbers: Madam I’m Adam

Over the nearly 32 years at the Record I’ve shot a few sports coincidences involving jersey numbers. Once, 3 football players had sequential numbers from left to right, and then several basketball photos where a player and their opponent were wearing the same digits. Recently, I photographed another numerical milestone. During a University of the [...]

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Back up plan

A part of being a professional photographer is the ability to solve problems. If an amateur photographer misses a shot or an entire event due to some technical issue, then all that is lost is a picture. If that happens to pros then they risk losing a job or even a client. I was assigned [...]

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