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True blue

The blue hour, the time of twilight just after sunset and right before dusk when the sky turns a deep saturated blue, is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. It’s that depth of color that makes photos taken at this hour so appealing. There are challenges to photographing at this time chief [...]

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Being blue

The response to the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment, the blue hour, has been a bit slow. OK, it’s been very slow. Only 2 readers have sent in valid entries so far. Areas with warm neon or incandescent lights can prove to be a great counterpoint to the cold blueness of the hour. Janet Leigh [...]

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Just a bit of blue

Here’s an example of a more subtle use of the blue hour. On Saturday my family and I attended the Sacramento Buddhist Church’s annual food and cultural bazaar. It was evening, around 8:30 p.m., when we decided to leave after buying our fill of teriyaki chicken. A large tent covered the main eating area, as [...]

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Out of the unclear blue sky

Here’s an example of what the blue hour can do for your photographs. Just this past weekend my family and I took a mini vacation to San Diego. A light summer rain had fallen earlier in the day, and in the evening we went to dinner at the Old Town Mexican Café in the historic [...]

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True blue

The last Readers Photo Challenge assignment explored the time of day know as the golden hour. This month’s challenge is what’s known as the “blue hour.” Like the golden hour, the blue hour occurs twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Unlike the golden hour, it happens about an hour [...]

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As good as gold

For a few weeks every February photographers from all over gather to view Horsetail Fall off to the side of El Capitan at sunset. The falling waters catch rays of light of the so-called golden hour turning them into a cascade of what can look like liquid fire spilling over the fall. Ask any number [...]

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Golden years

“Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.” – Horace Mann Back in the 1980s when I was a photo student at Sacramento City College (SCC) I became good friends with fellow student Randy Allen. He went on [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge results: Pets

Pets can be our friends, companions, confidants or even family members. And as such we often take pictures of them as we would any friend or relative. The trick is to get a great photo of them rather than just a quick snapshot. That was the challenge of the pet assignment. 64 photos were sent [...]

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Our fine furry friends

I recently had an assignment to photograph Chenda Ouk of Stockton who had adopted a cat named Cupid from the Stockton Animal Shelter. Cupid had been shot in the head with an arrow and was saved by the shelter. The cat was understandably a bit skittish and I managed to get just a few frames [...]

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Turning a frown upside down

Getting a good a portrait can be a daunting task. There are a number of things that one has to consider. Composition is one. Lighting is another. Then one has to often figure out the proper settings on the camera for a correct exposure. It’s no wonder that many people may forget one last thing: [...]

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