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Readers Photo Challenge: Good sports

Sports photography is hard. The first thing one has to do is to master timing. Knowing when to press the shutter button is no minor thing and, like the sports themselves, takes practice, practice, practice to learn. All that is hard enough, but on top of that one also has to consider other sound photographic [...]

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In sports there are varying levels of skill that more or less increase by age. Our children start out in recreation youth leagues in sports such as soccer, football or baseball. As they get older and more adept they move to “select” or “comp” leagues where they can play on club teams where the competition [...]

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A sharp-eyed reader pointed out a mistake in the deadline for the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment “Sports.” The correct date is Saturday, Oct. 11. Sorry for the confusion. Here are the rules (corrected) once again: 1. Entries can be emailed to Type in “Sports” in the subject line. 2. Photos have to be [...]

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Sports on the cheap

There are some sporting events where it helps to have an expensive piece of equipment. Those are usually situations are when you need a long telephoto lens with low-light capabilities, such as night or indoor events. Those lenses can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. There are other times when you can get [...]

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The sporting life

The next Readers Photo Challenge assignment is sports. This is the time of year where there are a plethora of sporting events being played in one form or another. Your photos can be of an organized sports event or it could be of a friend or family member playing table tennis, or swimming or out [...]

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Readers Challenge assignment: On holiday

Nearly everyone takes pictures while on vacation. Some record the places that they’ve been to; others show themselves in those locations. To me the best travel photos go beyond the simple snapshot. They capture the flavor and the beauty of lands and sights of their adventures and the people that live and/or visit there. This [...]

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The mug shot seen ’round the world

A lot has been said about 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who was arrested June 18 during an Operation Peacekeeper sweep. But the talk wasn’t about his alleged crime, the possession of an unregistered, loaded handgun (according to police), which is a parole violation, but rather the mug shot that the police took of [...]

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I need a vacation

Summer has pretty much come to an end and a school has started up again and. Our vacations are now just memories and all we have left are the photos we took on our travels. The subject of the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment is vacation/travel. This will be sort of the photographic version of [...]

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True blue

The blue hour, the time of twilight just after sunset and right before dusk when the sky turns a deep saturated blue, is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. It’s that depth of color that makes photos taken at this hour so appealing. There are challenges to photographing at this time chief [...]

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Being blue

The response to the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment, the blue hour, has been a bit slow. OK, it’s been very slow. Only 2 readers have sent in valid entries so far. Areas with warm neon or incandescent lights can prove to be a great counterpoint to the cold blueness of the hour. Janet Leigh [...]

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