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Help-Portrait: Stockton 2012

Help-Portrait is a campaign started in 2009 by Nashville-based photographer Jeremy Cowart to give back to the less fortunate. His simple idea was to photograph people who never dreamed of having a portrait done of themselves and/or their families, to give them something to cherish and boost their self-esteem. Fueled and spread by social media […]

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Stockton environmentalist Bill Jennings has this habit of wearing his glasses on his forehead, which is fine but I don’t know how he manages to keep them up there without them constantly sliding down. Sometimes they look as if they’re permanently affixed until he reaches up to bring them down. Jennings spoke at the protest […]

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Near and far

There’s a mistake I see people make all the time. It can happen anytime, but I mostly see it when people take vacation photos. They see a picturesque scene or landmark, usually something huge like the Empire State Building, Mount Rushmore or the Eiffel Tower. Then they tell their loved one/traveling companion to stand in […]

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In honor of Leap Day,, in collaboration with the Magnum photo agency, has posted a gallery of pictures shot by famed photographer Philippe Halsman, who shot more than 100 cover portraits for Life Magazine. Halsman often asked his subjects to jump for a picture. His reasoning was that they would concentrate so much on […]

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Man and machine

As a child, one of my favorite books was “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel” by Virginia Lee Burton (first published in 1939). In it Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel Mary Anne were said to be able to dig in a day as much as 100 men could in a week. In the story, […]

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More than the numbers

“Find someone in need. Take their portrait. Print their portrait. Deliver it to them.” That’s the “mission statement” of the world-wide movement called Help-Portrait founded in 2009 by Nashville-based photographer Jeremy Cowert. That first year Cowert posted a video of his photographic call to arms on the Internet and it went viral, as they say, […]

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What a concept

Photo illustrations are photos created to illustrate a concept. As such, more leeway is allowed for Photoshop manipulation than the standard news photo. Think of them as a drawing or painting done with photography.The three things to think about in a photo illustration are the idea, the planning, and the execution. For the last seven […]

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Who watches the watchmen?

“Every move you make Every step you take I’ll be watching you I’ll be watching you” – Sting Did you ever have the creepy feeling that you’re being watched? I recently had an assignment to photograph Steven Seegle, a part of whose vast yo-yo collection is on display at Hutchins Street Square in Lodi. About […]

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Separated at birth: Wonder women

AP photo Actress Gina Torres isn’t what you’d call a household name, but I’ve seen her in two television shows. The first was in 2003 as a character in a 5-episode story arc of the vampire series “Angel”, created by Joss Whedon. She played Jasmine, a morally ambiguous ancient deity bent on world domination. The […]

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What is a picture worth?

If you’re homeless what is the value of a picture to you? A photograph doesn’t put food in one’s belly, clothes on one’s back or a roof overhead. If your family photos were lost in a disaster like a flood or a fire, what kind of price would pay to get those pictures back? At […]

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