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One intense morning

On Tuesday, May 26 I woke up as usual. I didn’t have any early morning assignments so I was puttering around the house before going into work. I checked social media for anything interesting when I saw a photo of large column of smoke rising from a large fire. It didn’t mention where, but I […]

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Portfoilo investment

In January, I was asked to be a judge a portion of the 2017 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (TAPME) photo contest. The contest encompasses stories as well as pictures. I judged a news photo category as well as what the TAPME calls their Star Photojournalist awards. The single photo category is pretty straightforward: pick […]

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It’s no secret that the newspaper industry has had its troubles for the last several years. The loss of advertising and classified revenue and the decline in circulation have been big blows to nearly every news organization in the world. Smarter people than me have tried and pretty much failed to come up with a […]

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What does the future hold?

“It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.” – Winston Churchill My daughter, who is now a freshman at U.C. San Diego, took what seemed like the longest time to decide what her major would be. I actually should say she took a long time to tell […]

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Street view

Street photography is a branch of photography that has similar roots to documentary photography, photojournalism and even travel photography. But whereas photojournalism seeks to capture photos with news value, documentary records history, and travel photography transports the viewer to other places, the aim of street photography is to capture the mundane and elevate it to […]

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Word of the day

The NPPA’s Flying Short Course, which was held at different stops in Washington, DC, Chicago and San Jose, was divided into two segments. One day at each stop is dedicated to the regional program of workshops, while the second day was reserved for lectures by the traveling national faculty. New York Times multimedia editor Andrew […]

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In due course

Fellow Record photographer Craig Sanders and I attended the 50th anniversary Short Course at San Jose State University this past weekend. It was hosted by the university’s photojournalism program. It’s the National Press Photographers Association’s annual weekend-long seminar put on by the NPPA for it’s members to help them keep in touch with the latest […]

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Stress relief

The other day, a Kasier Permanente representative set up a Heart Health kiosk just inside of our employee entrance with information on how to reduce the risk of heart disease. Having a busy day (par for the course), I rushed in, needing to download and caption photos from my morning assignments before hurrying to my […]

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