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Meeting the challenge

The reasons I started the Readers Photo Challenge back in 2013 were two-fold. First, I had judged the San Joaquin County Fair’s photo show and the Stockton Camera Club’s monthly members contest and saw that there was a lot of talented photographers out there and the paper could an outlet for that talent. Secondly, the […]

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Bullets, balloons and paintball

When people think of the word “photojournalist” they often think of a photographer covering some war-torn corner of the globe, however, I have never desired to be one of those photographers. For a couple of reasons, I have always preferred to take local photos of the people and places much closer to home. First, there […]

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Portfoilo investment

In January, I was asked to be a judge a portion of the 2017 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (TAPME) photo contest. The contest encompasses stories as well as pictures. I judged a news photo category as well as what the TAPME calls their Star Photojournalist awards. The single photo category is pretty straightforward: pick […]

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Highway to the danger zone

Recently I got an email from a reader who wondered how she could go about getting inside the fence on the field to photograph her nephew as he plays Little League baseball. I told her that as professional photographers we know the dangers of the game and are willing to risk them its a part […]

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All you need to do is ask

The other day I got a haircut. It was at one of those haircut franchises where you can get a trim quickly at a reasonable price, nothing fancy. The stylist that cut my hair was young, barely out of cosmetology school. She spent a lot of time with me and when she was done she […]

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The importance of editing

Some readers may have noticed a slight change in the rules to the monthly Readers Photo Challenge. A limit on the number of entries has been added. Most photo contests have some sort of limit to the submissions they receive. Some cap the entries at a certain number. Other contests will have an entry fee […]

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Picture day

It’s the annual World Photo Day where the art and craft of photography is celebrated. We encounter photos of one kind or another everyday of our lives. They inform, entertain and educate us and the best ones do it in a visually compelling way. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite pictures of people […]

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Happy World Photo Day!

Imagine a world without pictures. It would be a pretty dull place without the art, entertainment and information that photography brings us. Photographic images are a mainstay of newspapers, magazines, advertisements and, of course, the Internet. Hardly a minute of the day goes by where we don’t encounter a picture in one form or another. […]

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When is photographing wild birds like shooting a football game? The two different genres of photography, wildlife and sports, may seem very dissimilar but the skills to shoot each are actually related. While there are always exceptions to the rule,  most sports photography requires a telephoto lens to bring athletes who can be far away […]

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Dancing with my mother

One of the powers of a photograph is to make memories tangibly visceral. This is especially so when the photo is an actual physical print. A picture in one’s hand can bring to life emotions and recollections that photos on a computer monitor or cellphone screen may have a harder time realizing. When I was […]

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