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Readers Photo Challenge: Open season

The first Readers Photo Challenge assignment of 2021 is going to be an open one. That is, the subject is open for you to decide. More over the time period, normally 2 weeks, will be extended retroactively to Dec. 22 and forward to Jan. 26. Some may think that having an unlimited choice of subjects […]

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Winning isn’t everything but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Entering contests can be a way to sharpen your photographic skills. It can teach you how to edit your photos and push you to become a better photographer. But what does it take to win? I’ve entered many contests and even won a few. I’ve even been a judge also, so I’ve been on both […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Bird watching

There’s an old photograph phrase of “watch the birdie!” Well, for the newest Readers Photo Challenge assignment you will literally be watching birdies because the subject is birds. From backyard sparrows to turkey vultures soaring over the countryside to a hawk sitting on a telephone phone along the road to a robin perched in a […]

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