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“God made a photographer”

One of the more notable television commercials during the Super Bowl was one for the Dodge Ram pickup. Instead of video, it used photojournalistic still pictures set in a slideshow-style presentation in which famed radio announcer the late Paul Harvey recited a poem called “God Made a Farmer.” The result was a moving production of […]

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Fifty-two pick up

As 2012 winds down to its end, I’ve edited down some of my favorite photos of the year to 52 for the number of weeks in the year (due to vacations and such, I didn’t actually work all 52). Thanks to my friend Chris Goslow, a great musician and composer out of Sacramento, who allowed […]

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Fifty-two plus

My top 12 list was composed of my favorite image from each month of the year. We also do a year-end gallery for our online edition, and for the last few years I’ve picked the number 52 for that. It represents one photo for each week of the year (though with vacations and such I […]

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52 pick up

Year end lists are nothing if not subjective. Not only in what is picked but even in the number of items on those lists. Most people who do such lists usually pick a nice round number like 10. For my end-of-the-year list I picked 12 favorite pictures, one from each month (see tomorrow’s column and […]

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Year in pictures II: Editing

Clouds rise over a hillside near Valley Springs (Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: Nikkor 70-200mm @ 110mm. Exposure: 1/500th sec. @ f/16. ISO: 200). One of the hardest things for photographers to do is to edit their own work. There may be pictures that the photographer has an emotional attachment to but may not be among […]

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Hanging ten

Here are 10 of my favorite pictures from the past year. I’ve shot nearly 1,000 assignments in 2008 and I could have easily come up with 10 completely different photos that I’d be happy with. As in past years, I set aside a folder of favorite photos from those assignments. They could be great shots […]

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