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The best offense is…

As long as the St. Mary’s girls basketball team has been a perennial powerhouse (11 section and seven state championships since 1999), a hallmark of their game has been their tenacious defense. This year’s team is no different. Not that they don’t have a strong offense; they do. There are several on the team who […]

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Too much of a good thing

You would think that if the football team you’re sent out to cover is head and shoulders above its opposition that they would be easy to shoot. But sometimes that’s not the case. Several weeks ago, I shot the Millennium High Falcons of Tracy as they took on the first-year Emery Secondary School Spartans in […]

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(Non) Paper chase

My kids are now in high school and middle school, but when they were in elementary school, I volunteered in their classrooms. I did some filing and occasionally graded a few tests, but mostly what I did was make copies. I’d make copies of tests, worksheets, permission slips, flyers and more. I used reams and […]

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Leader of the band

“The Hey Song” has become a high school marching/pep band staple. The song, also known as “Rock and Roll” by 70s British glam rocker Gary Glitter, has an infectious beat and a rousing chorus of the single word “hey!” for everyone to sing (or shout as the case may be) in unison. Several weeks ago, […]

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Through the looking glass

There is a 4-paned window that separates the Lincoln High School’s gymnasium from its lobby. There are not many gyms in the area that has this kind of arrangement. I’m guessing that it’s probably there so that people can still watch the game while eating their food from the snack bar. It’s made of very […]

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I was an offensive lineman on my high school football team in the late 1970s. My job, as with all interior linemen, was to protect the quarterback and make holes in the defensive line for the running backs to run through and to block those who might tackle him. During downfield blocking assignments in addition […]

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Talk to the hand

I shot a varsity football game between McNair High and Lodi High at McNair’s Stadium in Stockton. It was an early-season game and was kind of sloppy. Penalties were being committed left and right (they were called on both sides, but Lodi seemed to shoulder the majority of it). Some big ones, too. Holding calls […]

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Vantage point

St. Mary’s High School has built a shiny new tennis complex at its Stockton campus, but it wasn’t quite finished when I shot the tennis team’s match against Lodi High. Instead, the match was played at St. Mary’s temporary home court of the In-Shape health club at the Lincoln Village West Marina in Stockton. Tennis […]

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Family affair

At the Lincoln High School St. Baldrick’s event, student Alyssa Kimball and her mother, Dominee Muller-Kimball, weren’t the only family affair at the head-shaving event. Student Dylan Gadeke, 15, had his hair shorn by his own father, Michael Gadeke. He is a stylist at the Kenneth Michael Salon in Stockton and was one of several […]

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Letting their hair down

During the annual St. Balderick’s event at Lincoln High School, about 30 people (mostly students but a few parents and teachers as well) displayed their courage and determination by having their hair cut or completely shaved off to help raise funds for children with cancer. Nearly half of them were girls or women who showed […]

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