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Take two

These two photos almost look like as if they could be the same shot, or at least part of the same sequence. But, while they are actually 3 frames apart, they aren’t exactly part of the same play. It was during a game between West High and Oakland High in Edison’s McDonald’s Classic boys basketball [...]

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Out of the mouths of babes

When shooting a football game, we often look for more than what’s going on out on the field. Often during breaks in the action, I scan the bleachers for something out of the ordinary. During a recent game between the Chavez Titans and the Tracy Bulldogs at Franklin High School in Stockton (Chavez’s field is [...]

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The long and short of football

In photography there’s a saying that goes “it’s not the camera/equipment that takes a great picture, it’s the photographer.” In shooting football, that’s mostly true. Mostly. Most people think that to shoot sports such as football you need a super long telephoto lens. That’s mostly the case. In photographing football (and sports in general), given [...]

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Timing and patience

The high school football season is upon us, and one of the things that sports photographers will tell you about getting a great gridiron shot is timing. Proper timing can be the difference between having the ball out of the frame or in the hands of a wide receiver. It can also difference between a [...]

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Alma rockin’ mater

Lets face it, most alma maters (the songs) are usually pretty boring. They usually start something like “Hail to – insert name of school/college here -, then maybe something about its ivied halls then blah, blah, blah, then we’ll remember you forever and true, etc., all put to a stately and equally stuffy melody. Not [...]

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Good but unusable

I just hate it when one of my best shots of the day turns out to be unusable. On May 16 I covered the CIF San Joaquin Section Track and Field trials at Elk Grove High School in Elk Grove. A track meet isn’t just a single event but several with more than one happening [...]

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Hump day

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: “You know, I’m a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.” Igor: “What hump?” A fast shutter speed can stop miniscule slices of time. It can capture moments that are just unnoticed fleeting blinks of an eye. I shot Kimball High varsity baseball pitcher Cody Wagner during a [...]

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The best offense is…

As long as the St. Mary’s girls basketball team has been a perennial powerhouse (11 section and seven state championships since 1999), a hallmark of their game has been their tenacious defense. This year’s team is no different. Not that they don’t have a strong offense; they do. There are several on the team who [...]

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Too much of a good thing

You would think that if the football team you’re sent out to cover is head and shoulders above its opposition that they would be easy to shoot. But sometimes that’s not the case. Several weeks ago, I shot the Millennium High Falcons of Tracy as they took on the first-year Emery Secondary School Spartans in [...]

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(Non) Paper chase

My kids are now in high school and middle school, but when they were in elementary school, I volunteered in their classrooms. I did some filing and occasionally graded a few tests, but mostly what I did was make copies. I’d make copies of tests, worksheets, permission slips, flyers and more. I used reams and [...]

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