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Being Human

University of the Pacific student Sophia Chou takes a “selfie” with Brandon Stanton, author of the Blog and New York Times best selling book “Humans of New York after he autographed a copy of his book for her at the Alex and Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House on the UOP campus in Stockton. Stanton then gave [...]

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The importance of backgrounds for the non-photographer

I go on and on about having a clean, non-distracting background in your photos. From a photographer’s standpoint it’s something that we look for to make our pictures better. But what about those who aren’t photographers? What can an uncluttered background do for them? If you’re having an event such as a groundbreaking or wedding, [...]

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A study in black and white

I’ve photographed the Reverend Gary Putnam for various reasons over the years. I’ve covered him a couple times as he portrayed Abraham Lincoln. And while I knew that he also did a show as author Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, until recently I had never photographed him in that persona. A history buff, Putnam dons [...]

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The stuff of nightmares

Ribbon cuttings, check passings and ground breakings tend to the bane of a photographer’s existence. They are the epitome of drudgery work that has very little opportunity for creativity or reward. Most photographers would rather go through root canal surgery than to be assigned to one of the aforementioned grunt work events. At the Greater [...]

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Random Photo #16: Press here

When covering a recent Stockton City Council meeting (which can be pretty dry events) I saw something that I had never noticed before. At the press table at the back of the council chambers reporter Kevin Parrish (filling in for City Hall reporter Scott Smith who was off that day) was reflected in the gold-colored [...]

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Blast from the past: Life of pi

Today is March 14 (3/14) or National Pi Day (pi = 3.14…and so on). Here’s a link to an entry I wrote in Oct. 2011 about a “pie” day of a different kind and its consequences. Happy Pi Day!

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The power of pop culture

Between opening acts and headliners at concerts it’s customary to play recorded music for the fans to listen to. Various artists are usually played mostly as background music as the roadies change around the stage. The Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes concert at the Stockton Arena was no different. Hayes opened with a rousing set, but when [...]

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Production value

The Underwood/Hayes concert at the Stockton Arena was quite a spectacular-spectacular production. There were myriad lights and speakers, each with their own rigging. The stage had large moving parts, and it included a projection system with a huge screen that had to be at least 20 to 30 feet tall and ran the length of [...]

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Professional courtesy

All the photographers covering the Carrie Underwood concert (there were 4 of us: the house photographer, 2 shooters from the Bay Area, and myself) were limited to where the soundboard was near the rear third of the arena floor. A few minutes before the County star took the stage, a man leaned over one of [...]

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“A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.” – Rita Mae Brown Sometimes a deadline is no big deal, it can be like a goal that helps you reach at the end of a work day. Other times it can feel like a wild beast nipping at your heels and [...]

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