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The last run

The Record’s TKS web press ran for its last time on the night of October 20. The press was first run in late April of 2005. The Record’s then-corporate owners Ottaway replaced an old Goss press which dated back to the 1950s. For the photographers it was a welcome change. The Goss machine was what [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Fair play

“Play” is the subject of the current Readers Photo Challenge. Play is essential to modern human life. It helps to relax, recharge our batteries and, most importantly have fun. Eleven readers sent in 33 photos of people in various iterations of play. Here are the top picks. _____________________________________________________ Children are naturals at playing. The fun [...]

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Hold still, please

Using a good, sturdy tripod is the best way to ensure that your pictures are shake-free. However, not everyone likes to carry one around all the time. Depending on the model, they tend to be bulky, heavy and awkward to use. I’m one of those people. If I have a subject that I definitely know [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Beyond a shadow of a doubt

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “shadows.” While a few had some trouble with the concept, the pictures were to showcase shadows and not just contain them, others stepped out of the shadows and let their work shine beyond a shadow of a doubt. Fifteen readers sent in seventy seven photos. Here are some [...]

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Far and wide

When you purchased a DSLR camera, it usually comes with what’s know as a “kit” lens because it comes bundled as a part of a kit that probably includes things like a memory card, some filters, a spare battery and a camera bag. It tends to be a zoom lens that goes from a wide-angle [...]

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The frustrating nomenclature of photography

Photography has its own jargon and some of the terms can be obscure and confusing, which may be why some people find photography challenging to learn and even off putting. I recently watched a video in which husband-wife photography team Tony and Chelsea Northrup take common photography terminology to task ( In the video, the [...]

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Show of slides

I’ve produced a yearend online slideshow of my work every year since 2010 and this year is no different. It showcases some of my favorite photos that I’ve shot throughout the year and can be seen, the Record’s YouTube channel and here. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about producing [...]

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Give the gift of time

Christmas is coming up and you may be wondering what gift to give a loved one who is a photographer. You could buy them a new camera or lens, or even a photo workshop, but those can cost from several hundred to several thousand of dollars. Photography is nothing if not expensive. So what can [...]

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Student chill out spot

TOP LEFT: Chihuahua-mix Noah is petted by a University of the Pacific student at the Chill Out Spot at the DeRosa University Center lawn on the UOP campus in Stockton. TOP RIGHT: Several University of the Pacific students pet St. Bernard Thor at the Chill Out Spot at the DeRosa University Center lawn. MIDDLE: University [...]

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UOP’s Ted Leland retires

TOP: University of the Pacific athletic director Ted Leland, center, is greeted by well-wishers at his retirement party at UOP’s DeRosa University Center. MIDDLE LEFT: University of the Pacific president Dr. Pamela Eibeck speaks at Pacific athletic director Ted Leland’s retirement party. MIDDLE CENTER: Ted Leland laughs at speakers’ comments at his retirement party. MIDDLE [...]

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