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Student chill out spot

TOP LEFT: Chihuahua-mix Noah is petted by a University of the Pacific student at the Chill Out Spot at the DeRosa University Center lawn on the UOP campus in Stockton. TOP RIGHT: Several University of the Pacific students pet St. Bernard Thor at the Chill Out Spot at the DeRosa University Center lawn. MIDDLE: University [...]

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UOP’s Ted Leland retires

TOP: University of the Pacific athletic director Ted Leland, center, is greeted by well-wishers at his retirement party at UOP’s DeRosa University Center. MIDDLE LEFT: University of the Pacific president Dr. Pamela Eibeck speaks at Pacific athletic director Ted Leland’s retirement party. MIDDLE CENTER: Ted Leland laughs at speakers’ comments at his retirement party. MIDDLE [...]

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A la mode

I’m always encouraging budding photographers to learn how to use their cameras in manual exposure mode. With the exception of when I use my cellphone or a point-and-shoot camera, I always shoot manually. with my digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. I know it can be daunting for someone starting out to figure how to [...]

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“Art is long and life is short” – Hippocrates

There’s a saying in photography that goes: “the best zoom lens your feet,” meaning that you should try to get physically as close to your subject as you can. That’s certainly true but there are times when you can’t get as close as you want. That’s where a telephoto lens comes in. There are 2 [...]

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The name game

The late Sacramento area stock photographer Tom Meyers was not only a great shooter but he was a whiz at organizing his photos as well. In the pre-digital age, he had file cabinets with thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of slides, and each were carefully and meticulously filed and cross referenced for easy finding. Most [...]

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Calling for backup

A few years ago Seattle-based photographer Chase Jarvis produced a short video explaining the steps he goes through in backing up his photos when on an extended location shoot. At the end of the day he and his crew copies all his images onto 2 external hard drives. The drives are then stored in the [...]

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What’s your bag?

So you’ve gotten more serious about photography and have not only gotten a DSLR camera but a couple of lenses, a flash and some other accessories as well. How do you carry it all around with you? There are several different options available to you these days. When I started in photography in the early [...]

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A hands-on experience

Here’s an opportunity for those thinking about purchasing a new camera or lens. Northern California Mike’s Camera stores are holding their Lens and Camera Demo Day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. At the event, held at the Sacramento Zoo, you’ll get to try out cameras, lenses and accessories from several different manufacturers. [...]

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Don’t be fooled

Many people have experienced this scenario: They’re photographing something like a concert, play or graduation and the main subject is extremely overexposed to the point of glowing like the sun. What happened? The camera’s default position is to read the overall amount of light of a scene. Quite often the aforementioned scenes will have a [...]

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The anatomy of a sports shot

The ability to capture peak action is a necessity for a sports photographer. Sure, one should know how to get things like action away from the ball, sports portraits, victory/defeat shots, among other techniques, but peak action is a sports shooter’s bread and butter. The best sports photographers not only know where to position themselves [...]

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