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Sideways thinking

We as human beings have evolved to see things horizontally. Our field of view spans about 200 degrees side to side, though much of that is peripheral vision, while our vertical sight range is around 150 degrees. Yet we insist on taking photos with our cellphones vertically. It’s not a problem with DSLR cameras because, […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Let’s get small!

Often photographers concern themselves with grand vistas but for the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment we are asking you to think on a smaller scale. Closeup or macro photography explores realms of the overlooked and unseen. Flowers are often the subjects of macro photography but almost anything will do. If you look carefully and closely […]

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Making most of what you’ve got

(Note: all photos in this post were taken by a 2004 Canon EOS 20D DSLR camera) When I first listened to Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett’s album The Koln Concert (“borrowed” from my older brother) in about 1975, I was mesmerized from the start. I didn’t know that a solo piano performance could be so engaging […]

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Virtual travelogue #3: San Diego – Down by the sea

San Diego is a costal town and offers great access to the sea and ocean wildlife.

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April 1st News: 2020 edition

Rogue Muppets invade town ———————— Delta offers levitation course. ———————— Vape inventor doubles down on new device ———————— Parallel dimension as boring as ours ———————— Nikon introduces “Tiger Roar” feature on newest cameras Nikon announced that it’s newest flagship DSLR, the D6, will feature a “Tiger Roar” option. When enabled, instead of a normal clicky […]

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More than just the camera

Kevin Richtik, owner/operator of Caroline Photography in Stockton, posted a bit of a rant on social media a few weeks ago. In response to a Yahoo article with the headline “This Canon 80D DSLR camera will turn you into a pro photographer,” Richtik wrote: “Yahoo must subscribe to the ‘if I buy the same stethoscope […]

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Going beyond the technical

Many novice photographers may think that learning how to use their cameras is the be all and end all of photography. While mastering shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO is important, it’s just beginning of the process, not the end. Each genre of photography has its own characteristics to master. Having skills in one area may […]

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What to do after the unboxing

It’s the new year and you may have gotten an DSLR camera as a Christmas gift or went out an bought one for yourself as part of a New Year’s resolution. Now what are you going to do? If it’s your first DSLR, you probably got the camera because you’re upgrading from a point-and-shoot camera […]

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Lodi High holds Dia De Los Muertos celebration

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Trick or treat on the Mile

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