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Don’t be fooled

Many people have experienced this scenario: They’re photographing something like a concert, play or graduation and the main subject is extremely overexposed to the point of glowing like the sun. What happened? The camera’s default position is to read the overall amount of light of a scene. Quite often the aforementioned scenes will have a [...]

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The anatomy of a sports shot

The ability to capture peak action is a necessity for a sports photographer. Sure, one should know how to get things like action away from the ball, sports portraits, victory/defeat shots, among other techniques, but peak action is a sports shooter’s bread and butter. The best sports photographers not only know where to position themselves [...]

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A product in search of a market?

    Photos courtesy LeicaThe venerable German camera maker Leica has introduced a new camera, the Sofort, and I am both intrigued and puzzled by it. In the old film days, Leica was know for it’s unparalleled optics and superb craftsmanship and build quality of its equipment. Its cameras were pricey and coveted by many [...]

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Time has come today

In a recent article published by Popular Photography, photo agency Getty Images says that it will only take 120 seconds from the time a photo is shot at the Rio Olympics to when it get published on their website. In this day of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat when you can you can post pictures nearly [...]

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Think like a camera

One way to improve your photographic skills is to think like your camera, or more precisely, know how your camera thinks. Today’s digital cameras are technological wonders. Not only are they imaging devices but mini computers as well. The contain algorithms for auto exposure, auto focus and many other complex functions. However, with all its [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Summertime

“In the summertime when the weather is hot, You can reach right up and touch the sky…” “In the Summertime” by Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry Summer is the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. It’s the time of leisure and vacations. Summertime conjures images of swinging lazily in a hammock while sipping a cool glass [...]

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Experience your experiences

On May 22 I photographed former President Bill Clinton’s campaign stop for his wife Hillary at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Stockton. About 700 people were jammed into the center’s exhibition hall. I shot the event from with the rest of the media from a press riser at the back of the room and [...]

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What’s inside

When I was a young community college photo student I disassembled a 200mm lens. Several weeks earlier a fellow student did it to one of his lenses after he fell and dunked it into the water during a week-long field trip to Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove. Sand and salt water are the two [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Return calls

Our latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment, cellphone photography, is an encore of one we did in 2013. The results of that one was impressive and this one did not disappoint. Cellphones and the pictures that we take with them are as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. They have replaced point-and-shoot cameras as the most [...]

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Lens culture

Occasionally I’ve been asked: “what’s your favorite lens?” My answer is: “the one I need at the time.” It may sound a bit flippant but I don’t have any single lens that I use over the others. Instead, I’ll use a lens that I need for a particular job. Each type of lens has its [...]

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