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Peace out

The symbol of two raised fingers, the index and middle, have meant a number of things over the years. First, it represents the number 2. In American Sign Language it stands for that number as well as the letter “V.” It’s also known a sign for “victory” used most notably by Winston Churchill in the [...]

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Random photo #18: Rain ride

On a rainy night last week, streetlights shimmered off of the wet pavement in downtown Stockton.

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Making time

We all live busy lives, and even if photography is your passion, it’s often hard to find time to pursue it. We need to make dinner/breakfast/lunch for the family. We to go to work then drop off/pick up the kids from school, soccer, gymnastics, etc. Then there’s grocery/clothes/back-to-school shopping to be done along with numerous [...]

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Random photo #17: Enlightenment

I haven’t done a “random photo” in a while so here’s one that’s long overdue. They say that the road to enlightenment is a long and arduous one. No it isn’t. It can be found on a small hill at the west end of March Lane in Stockton.

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While many street photographers capture their subjects in candid moments through stealthy almost clandestine means, photographer Brandon Stanton takes a different tact. Instead of taking pictures of people who may be unaware of the photographer’s presence he takes quick portraits of his subjects. Most are looking directly into the camera fully aware of what he [...]

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Street view

Street photography is a branch of photography that has similar roots to documentary photography, photojournalism and even travel photography. But whereas photojournalism seeks to capture photos with news value, documentary records history, and travel photography transports the viewer to other places, the aim of street photography is to capture the mundane and elevate it to [...]

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Random Photo #16: Press here

When covering a recent Stockton City Council meeting (which can be pretty dry events) I saw something that I had never noticed before. At the press table at the back of the council chambers reporter Kevin Parrish (filling in for City Hall reporter Scott Smith who was off that day) was reflected in the gold-colored [...]

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Random Photo #15: Red bear

Nearly everyone in Stockton knows the two golden bear statues that stand in front of the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium in downtown Stockton. Many a Stockton child has climbed on one of the other at some point. A few years ago the static movie marquee-style message board near the bear at the southeast corner of [...]

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A first

This photo that I shot of the sun breaking through some clouds over a stand of trees near the northern county line outside of the town of Thornton represents a first of sorts. It ran in the Local section of the Record on March 7 which was my birthday, but that’s not reason it’s special. [...]

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I was driving by the Weber Point Events Center in downtown Stockton recently on my way to an assignment, when I saw a young couple attempting to launch a kite. I say “attempting” because there didn’t appear to be any wind. Still, there was some nice light on them, and I thought they might make [...]

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