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The long and short of football

In photography there’s a saying that goes “it’s not the camera/equipment that takes a great picture, it’s the photographer.” In shooting football, that’s mostly true. Mostly. Most people think that to shoot sports such as football you need a super long telephoto lens. That’s mostly the case. In photographing football (and sports in general), given […]

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One Monday way back when I was on my JV football team, we reviewed a film of the previous Friday’s game. If I remember the game, we won handily, but on one kickoff the opposing receiver broke several tackles and was on his way to an open field and a potential touchdown. Only one of […]

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Water soccer

I had an assignment to shoot a Delta College soccer practice when I got to the college’s field and saw two teams playing a game. They were club teams and Delta was nowhere in sight. I called back to the office and talked to Record sports editor Bob Highfill. He put in a call to […]

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Artificial weeds

In 2007, Delta College christened a newly refurbished Cecchetti baseball field, which sported a natural feeling artificial turf. Fake grass covered everything except the pitcher’s mound and the batter’s circle, which remained honest-to-goodness dirt. The simulated grass is easier to maintain, it never having to be mowed or watered and the lines being permanently painted […]

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Into each life some rain must fall

Sunny California doesn’t often experience much rainfall beyond May, but this year it seems that winter’s raininess has marched on through spring and seems to be pushing toward the edge of summer. A few weeks ago, I covered the California Community College Athletic Association’s Softball Northern Super Regional tournament championship game between Delta College and […]

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When I played the trumpet in grade school and high school, I was taught to keep cheeks from puffing out when I played. It was supposed to help keep the lip’s embouchure in the correct position. Famed Jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie was known for having his cheeks balloon out when he played. He was a […]

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Rain, rain go away (no really, go away)

I’ve never been rained on during a football season more than I have this season. Over my 26 years at the Record, the sky has poured down on me on average less than once a year. This year I’ve shot football in the rain four times. Unlike baseball games which can be delayed or even […]

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Superpowers: Part 2

Speaking of extraordinary abilities, Delta freshman Breana Brockl gave a super performance during the game. She performed prodigious leaps to steal the ball away from Shasta College defenders. She sped away from them, leaving them in the dust. Those who did manage to catch up would find that  she would make a move on them […]

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Superpowers: Part 1

Marvel Comics has a cast of characters called “The Inhumans” created by the famed Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They are a race of beings each with a unique superpower. The queen of the Inhumans is woman called Medusa. Her power is not to turn people to stone like her Greek mythology namesake, but rather […]

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Pretty in pink

One stereotypically thinks of a girl’s pink shoes as dainty. A child’s tea party and frilly dresses with matching pink bows in their hair come to mind as do teddy bears and Easy Bake Ovens. (Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: Nikkor 300. Exposure: 1/1000th sec. @ f/6.3. ISO: 200) During a Delta College softball game against […]

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