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The Great Backyard Bird Count

The current Record’s Reader Photo Challenge assignment of “birds” is halfway done. An event that dovetails (pardon the pun) neatly with this challenge is the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). The count, put on by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, was started in 1998 and was the first online citizen/science project [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: For the birds

The subject for the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment is for the birds. Actually, it is birds. The trickiest thing about photographing birds of almost any type is that they can be very skittish. It’s very difficult to get close enough to get a good shot of one or even a flock of them. A [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: On cloud nine

The current Reader Photo Challenge assignment is clouds. Fortunately we had several cloudy days within the 2 week time period of the challenge. While some readers did some traveling to shoot their pictures, most took advantage of the cloudy conditions close to home. Seventeen readers sent in 83 photos and showed that having one’s head [...]

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A sense of selfie

Be yourself, but always be your better self.” – Karl G. Maeser The Oxford Dictionary traces the first use of the word “selfie” back to 2002. By 2013 not only did they add it to the dictionary but made it their word of the year. In a recent post blogger Matt Walsh posted an article [...]

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A camera primer

I’m often asked about what’s best brand of camera to get. I know a lot of people are brand conscious but the truth is that they all work just fine, despite what the camera companies may say. What’s more important is the type of camera and how it suits your needs. The majority of people [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Fall colors revisited

For the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment we’ll be revisiting popular one that was done last year. Tis the season once again for fall colors. According to Science Made Simple the shorter days of Autumn makes trees stop delivering chlorophyll their leaves. Without the chlorophyll the leaves lose their green color and what remains are [...]

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There are times when serendipity, chance happenings, produces some great photos. Who needs years of training and experience when luck is on your side? Sometimes, great photos are made just by being at the right place at the right time, or so it may seem. Knowledge of things like shutter speeds, apertures and lens choices [...]

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Living on the edge

Last weekend I participated in the Journalism Association of Community College’s NorCal conference. The event was attended by students from community college newspapers from around the northern state. I started out at a community college, taking photo courses and being a staff member on the school’s paper, so when thinking of a topic for my [...]

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Reader Photo Challenge assignment: Sunsets

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore Who doesn’t love a good sunset? Not me, I love them. Who can resist the warm colors spread across the sky at the end of the day? Not many. That’s [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Filling the void

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment, “fill-flash,” may proved too challenging for some. Only 2 people sent in all of 3 qualified photos. I can understand trying a new technique can be intimidating but this one is an important one to learn. I use it all the time. In the two weeks between the issuance [...]

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