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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Red letter days

We’ve done the colors blue and green as subjects for the Readers Photo Challenge and the latest assignment will be another color: Red. Recently, social media was all atwitter (no pun intended) over the red coat that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wore after the meeting that she and Senator Chuck Shumer had with […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: A cold day in January

This month’s challenge assignment takes advantage of winter’s chilly temperatures. Readers were asked to go out and take pictures of the cold and/or the people dealing with it. Only 32 photos were sent in by 10 readers making it one of the lowest attended challenges. Perhaps the weather kept most people from looking for photos. […]

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Silhouettes in profile

One of my favorite things to shoot or just to look at is a well done silhouette. A Nicely done one can be a strong compositional element and can make your subject really stand out. Some may think that shooting a silhouette is a tricky thing but it’s actually a relatively easy thing to do. […]

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Under control

“Control. Control. You must learn control.” Yoda – The Empire Strikes Back So, you got a shiny new digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera for Christmas. Now you’re going to take better pictures than you have with your old point-and-shoot or smartphone, right? Not necessarily so. If you set your new camera on auto and […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Baby, it’s cold outside

Since it’s the middle of winter, the first readers Photo Challenge assignment of 2018 will be appropriate to the season: The subject will be “Cold.” Recent storms have brought snow to the Sierras which are only a few hours away. Snow-capped mountains and white, Christmasy pine trees are perfect for this challenge. People sledding, skiing […]

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12 from 18

For the past several years, I have compiled a top 12 list of my favorite pictures from the the year. Why 12 and not 10? This list is a little different because I pick one favorite from each month, thus 12. Every list is imperfect and arbitrary. With a top 10, a list may not […]

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Favorites of 2018 Here is a yearend collection of my photos from 2018. I chose 52 of my favorites and presented them in the slideshow above. Why 52? I figure that there are 52 weeks in a year and while I don’t work all 52, due to vacations and such, it’s as good a number as any. […]

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A portrait of a family

The annual Help-Portrait event was held at the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless as it has for the previous 10 years. Each year I help gather talented local photographers, hair stylists and makeup artist to provide Christmas portraits for those living at the shelter. This year’s event was on December 1. Every year there has […]

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November outtakes

November is done and the end of the year is right around the corner. Here are my favorite photos from 2018’s 11th month. ________________________ 11/2/18: Stockton Kings’s Kalin Lucas scrambles for a loose ball past Oklahoma City Blue’s Abudl Gaddy during the Kings’ debut at the Stockton Arena in downtown Stockton. ________________________ 11/3/18: Dancer Sammy […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Open season

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment was an open one meaning the choice of subject matter was up to each photographer. Many chose to send in images of the natural world like landscapes and sunsets/sunrises. There were quite of few of animals, whether wild or pets. Children were also a popular subject. Twenty-five readers sent […]

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