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November outtakes

November is done and the end of the year is right around the corner. Here are my favorite photos from 2018’s 11th month. ________________________ 11/2/18: Stockton Kings’s Kalin Lucas scrambles for a loose ball past Oklahoma City Blue’s Abudl Gaddy during the Kings’ debut at the Stockton Arena in downtown Stockton. ________________________ 11/3/18: Dancer Sammy [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Open season

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment was an open one meaning the choice of subject matter was up to each photographer. Many chose to send in images of the natural world like landscapes and sunsets/sunrises. There were quite of few of animals, whether wild or pets. Children were also a popular subject. Twenty-five readers sent [...]

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In defense of the center

In photography there’s very few things that fall under “always do this” or “never do that.” One of the things that seems to have become an absolute over time is “never put your subject at the center of the picture.” The goal of every composition should be to lead the viewer’s eye its subject in [...]

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Learning from the ordinary

Jim Richardson is a renowned photographer of incredible talent. His credits include the Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal and freelancing for publications such as Time, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. In the last last half of his career he’s been a photographer with National Geographic for which he’s produced 30 stories. He’s certainly accomplished and established in the [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Your choice

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment will be an open one, meaning that the choice of subject is up to you. You can approach it in a couple of ways. First, you can shoot something that interests you. If you like landscapes, then a quick trip to the foothills or out to the Delta can [...]

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Raders Photo Challenge: Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. They are not only the symbol of Halloween, but of fall in general as well. Their bright orange color and rounded, ribbed shape are a part of their visual appeal. Nine readers sent in a total of 40 photos. Here are the top examples. ________________________________________ [...]

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October outtakes

“In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.” – Alexander Smith October is over and with it the harvest moon and Halloween. Here are 10 of my favorite photos from 2018’s 10th month. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

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Spiraling under control

People may think that artistic compositions are grown out of an organic sense of aesthetics but there is one technique that is rooted in mathematics. It’s called the Fibonacci Sequence. Or the Golden Mean. Or the Phi ratio. Or the…it actually has a half dozen or so names. I learned it as the Golden Spiral. [...]

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The last run

The Record’s TKS web press ran for its last time on the night of October 20. The press was first run in late April of 2005. The Record’s then-corporate owners Ottaway replaced an old Goss press which dated back to the 1950s. For the photographers it was a welcome change. The Goss machine was what [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: The great pumpkin hunt

The subject for the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment is inspired by the harvest season: Pumpkins. Halloween will be smack dab in the middle of the challenge so obviously jack-o-lanterns will be a natural subject. Try shooting them at night while lit up from the inside. It could make for a spooky shot. Don’t forget [...]

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