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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Water, water everywhere

With all the recent storms we’ve had, I think it’s a great opportunity to revisit one of our first challenge assignments: Water. Over the past few years the drought has made water a scarce commodity, but the aforementioned storms have eased the dry conditions if not eliminated them in some parts of the state. Water [...]

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Reader Photo Challenge: Winter wonderlands

Winter is the theme for the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Most people don’t consider winter as the time that we’re likely to go out and look for pictures. Inclement weather often keeps people inside away from many photo opportunities. But those opportunities can abound for those willing to brave the cold and wet conditions. [...]

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Random photo #70: Fair weather runners

Members of the San Joaquin Delta College swim team are reflected in a puddle left by recent storms as they jog by during dry land training on the track at Delta’s DiRicco Field in Stockton. Ironcially, the daily practices are canceled if if the weather is too rainy.

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A timeout for timeouts

There are 2 words that many sports shooters hate to hear, or at least I don’t when I’m photographing sports: “Media timeout.” For those who attend a sporting event that’s being televised, you will inevitably hear those words at some point during the game. It means that play is being stopped for a commercial break [...]

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In a fog

When walking to school as a kid, around 8 or 9 years old, on chilly winter mornings I would see the condensation from my billowing out of my mouth and the mouths of others. On one foggy morning, my kid logic put 2 and 2 together: fog came from people. A day with a light [...]

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Outtakes: December

The new year has started but before we venture farther into 2017 there’s one more look back at 2016 that needs to be done. Here are 10 of my favorite previously unposted photos from December. ____________________________________________ 12/9/2016: ____________________________________________ 12/10/2016: ____________________________________________ 12/17/2016: ____________________________________________ 12/22/2016: ____________________________________________ 12/29/2016: ____________________________________________ 12/31/2016:

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Reader Photo Challenge assignment: Winter

The next Readers Photo Challenge will be the last of the season-themed assignments. So far we’ve done spring, summer and fall. Photographing winter  is your next task. Most people don’t think about photography during the winter months. It’s usually cold, wet and miserable and they probably opt to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm. But [...]

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12 from ’16

In addition to my 52 favorite photos slideshow, I’ve also compiled shorter yearend lists over the last several years. Top 10 lists are popular but they can be a bit limiting. if you had several great photos in just a month or two, that would leave the rest of the year unrepresented. That could be [...]

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Picks of the litter

This is a natural time for many people do yearend lists and for the past several years I’ve produced an end of the year slideshow of 52 of my favorite photos from the preceding year. Why 52 you may ask? A top 10 seemed to be too few and 100 seemed too many. Some arbitrary [...]

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Reader Photo Challenge: Backyard inspiration

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment was to find a subject to photograph no further than one’s backyard. The goal of the challenge is to find inspiration in something close to home as picturesque. It’s common that one can see things that are familiar to them as ordinary and perhaps not worth a picture, but [...]

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