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Fair’s first day: For the young and young at heart

TOP: Duane Falls, left, and Kassie Smith from Cullman, Alabama ride the Super Sizzler ride on opening day of the San Joaquin County Fair at the fairgrounds in Stockton. BOTTOM LEFT: Seven-year-old Armand Adames of Stockton, right, is watch by his 9-year-old cousin Andrea Kashaka of Stockton as he tosses ping pong balls into floating [...]

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Bullets, balloons and paintball

When people think of the word “photojournalist” they often think of a photographer covering some war-torn corner of the globe, however, I have never desired to be one of those photographers. For a couple of reasons, I have always preferred to take local photos of the people and places much closer to home. First, there [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Windows of opportunity

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “windows.” Windows allow us to see the outside world from the comfort of our homes. They allow light in and while keeping the cold or heat out. The can be ornate or merely functional. [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Beyond a shadow of a doubt

The current Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “shadows.” While a few had some trouble with the concept, the pictures were to showcase shadows and not just contain them, others stepped out of the shadows and let their work shine beyond a shadow of a doubt. Fifteen readers sent in seventy seven photos. Here are some [...]

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Travel Practice

May is coming to an end soon graduations will take place and then after that summer vacation and all the photos you’ll take while you’re on the road. Vacation photos are essentially the same as travel photography. Like all things, the more you practice at travel pictures the better you’ll get at it. But short [...]

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Portfoilo investment

In January, I was asked to be a judge a portion of the 2017 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (TAPME) photo contest. The contest encompasses stories as well as pictures. I judged a news photo category as well as what the TAPME calls their Star Photojournalist awards. The single photo category is pretty straightforward: pick [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Shadows

The newest Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “shadows.” Photographing shadows can pretty easy. No special equipment is required. You can shoot it with a DSLR, a point-and-shoot or a smartphone. What is needed is a strong, unfiltered light source. For that reason a bright sunny day tends to work best. Diffused light, such as an [...]

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April’s outtakes

April is now past us and we’re on to the year’s second trimester. Here are my top 10 favorite photos from April. _____________________________________ 4/2/18: _____________________________________ 4/4/18: _____________________________________ 4/5/18: _____________________________________ 4/10/18: _____________________________________ 4/12/18: _____________________________________ 4/19/18: _____________________________________ 4/28/18: _____________________________________ 4/29/18:

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Outtakes: A belated March

With apologies, but I forgot to post the outtakes from March. I got a bit busy and it just slipped my mind. So without further ado, here are my top 10 favorites from 2018’s third month. _____________________________________ 3/2/18: _____________________________________ 3/3/18: _____________________________________ 3/15/18; _____________________________________ 3/21/18: _____________________________________ 3/24/18: _____________________________________ 3/25/18: _____________________________________ 3/26/18: _____________________________________ 3/27/18: _____________________________________ 3/29/18: _____________________________________ [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: The nature of things

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein Nature is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. From the mountains to the oceans to our own backyards, the natural world is all around us. Many readers sent in photos of of scenic landscapes of poppy-covered hillsides or river [...]

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