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My kingdom for a horse.

As I’ve stated previously, it seems that there’s a statue of a guy on a horse nearly everywhere you go in Washington D.C. Not true, of course, but there are a lot of them. According to there are 29 equestrian statues in the D.C. area (28 men and 1 woman – Joan of Arc). [...]

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Library of Congress

I briefly mentioned the Library of Congress earlier. It was one of the most impressive places that we visited in Washington D.C. I have to admit that before out trip all I knew about the Library of Congress is what I saw in the movie National Treasure II, where the film’s heroes go running through [...]

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Four days in Washington D.C.

Last month I took an all too short family vacation to Washington D.C. It was our first time to visit the city, which gave me an opportunity to put into practice some travel photography techniques. There is so much to see in our nation’s Capitol, where it seems that there’s a statue of a guy [...]

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Go take a (wildflower) hike

Here’s an opportunity for those of you looking for a place to find wildflowers to photograph. East Bay Municipal Utility District (EMBUD) will be holding its Longest Mile Wildflower Hike near Valley Springs on Saturday. The hike, a 3-mile round trip, runs through a portion of the Coast to Crest Trail, situated along the Mokelumne [...]

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Random Photo #72: Opening day

Under approaching storm clouds a sailboat from the Stockton Sailing Club cruises the water of the deep water channel in Stockton on the club’s opening day.

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Flowers for the 50th

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge marks the 50th assignment since it’s beginning in April of 2013. In recognition of this fact we will revisit the very first assignment of “flowers.” It’s appropriate that spring is not only the season flowers but of rebirth and renewal as well. With all the winter rains we received flowers, [...]

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Go for broke

Today is National Go For Broke Day. It recognizes the accomplishments of the 422nd Regimental Combat Team, the 100th Infantry Battalion, which were comprised of Japanese-American soldiers during WWII. “Go for broke,” meaning to wager everything, was the motto and battle cry of the group. The units fought with courage and distinction and were the [...]

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Outtakes: The time of March

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens March has moved on and spring is in full swing. Here are my 10 favorite previously unposted photos from the month. ______________________________________ 3/8/2017: [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Green lighted

The subject of this month’s Readers Photo Challenge of green has been most appropriate. Green is the color of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day was just last week. As you might suspect most had something to do with things that grow. Some used green as the main subject while for others it was just a [...]

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Patience is a (photographic) virtue

What’s the most important skill needed to be a wildlife photographer? Is it having a telephoto lens? Certainly, being able to get as close as you can without scaring away critters is right up there but not the most crucial. Having the knowledge of the habits of the various animals is also significant. Predicting when [...]

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