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April’s outtakes

April is now past us and we’re on to the year’s second trimester. Here are my top 10 favorite photos from April. _____________________________________ 4/2/18: _____________________________________ 4/4/18: _____________________________________ 4/5/18: _____________________________________ 4/10/18: _____________________________________ 4/12/18: _____________________________________ 4/19/18: _____________________________________ 4/28/18: _____________________________________ 4/29/18:

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Outtakes: A belated March

With apologies, but I forgot to post the outtakes from March. I got a bit busy and it just slipped my mind. So without further ado, here are my top 10 favorites from 2018’s third month. _____________________________________ 3/2/18: _____________________________________ 3/3/18: _____________________________________ 3/15/18; _____________________________________ 3/21/18: _____________________________________ 3/24/18: _____________________________________ 3/25/18: _____________________________________ 3/26/18: _____________________________________ 3/27/18: _____________________________________ 3/29/18: _____________________________________ [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: The nature of things

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein Nature is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. From the mountains to the oceans to our own backyards, the natural world is all around us. Many readers sent in photos of of scenic landscapes of poppy-covered hillsides or river [...]

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Highway to the danger zone

Recently I got an email from a reader who wondered how she could go about getting inside the fence on the field to photograph her nephew as he plays Little League baseball. I told her that as professional photographers we know the dangers of the game and are willing to risk them its a part [...]

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Far and wide

When you purchased a DSLR camera, it usually comes with what’s know as a “kit” lens because it comes bundled as a part of a kit that probably includes things like a memory card, some filters, a spare battery and a camera bag. It tends to be a zoom lens that goes from a wide-angle [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: The call of nature

Spring is in full swing with warm weather and flowers blossoming which is the inspiration of the newest Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Nature. It’s a broad subject encompassing landscapes, wildlife and more, so you can approach it several different ways.   Landscapes and seascapes tend to be shot with wide angle lenses, which is fine. [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds, the subject of the latest challenge assignment, is a compositional tool that many learn when starting out in photography. It states that if you divide up the frame into equal thirds with imaginary lines vertically and horizontally, your main subject should be placed at one or more of the intersection of [...]

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Serendipity times two

Last week I had an assignment in the foothill town of Valley Springs to photograph local historian and author Terry Beaudoin. He was to show me where thousands of olive trees planted in the area in the early 1900s that still live today. The forecast for the day was for rain. As I left Stockton [...]

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Outtakes: February 2018

“February is merely as long as needed to pass the time until March.” – J.R. Stockton Apologies for the late post but here are my 10 favorite previously unposted photos from February. __________________________________ 2/9/18: __________________________________ 2/13/18: __________________________________ 2/15/18: __________________________________ 2/19/18: __________________________________ 2/20/18: __________________________________ 2/23/18: __________________________________ 2/28/28:

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Throwback Thursday: Women’s day

Today is International Women’s Day. Here are some recent photos of women and girls from the recent past. ______________________________________________________ (1/2/02) Instructor Kim Alxeander leads a group in a work out at the Jazzercise Center on Grand Canal Blvd. in Stockton. ______________________________________________________ (2/3/02) UOP’s Estee Okumura runs into UC Berkley’s Courtney Scott at home plate during [...]

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