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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Glass

Glass is the subject of the next Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Glass objects are notoriously difficult to photograph. Take time in looking at the subject carefully before taking a picture of it. Unwanted reflections, including your own, can be a problem. Take steps to remove those reflections. If it’s a light, turn it off. Sometimes [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Fair play

“Play” is the subject of the current Readers Photo Challenge. Play is essential to modern human life. It helps to relax, recharge our batteries and, most importantly have fun. Eleven readers sent in 33 photos of people in various iterations of play. Here are the top picks. _____________________________________________________ Children are naturals at playing. The fun [...]

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Semper Gumby

Some photographers say that you should come up with your photos on the spot without any preconceived ideas. But I think that having some sort of outline or framework of what you want to shoot can be a helpful just as longs you don’t go into a situation with a rigid plan without being able [...]

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Raders Photo Challenge assignment: Play time

The new Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “Play.” The old San Joaquin County Fair photography contest used to have a category called “people at work or play.” Since this is summertime and many people are on vacation we’re going to take up the latter half of that and do photographs of people playing. Getting photos [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Bridges

The latest Readers Photo Challenge is “bridges.” A bridge can be photographed as an architectural structure like any other building. Some are famous and iconic and be approached like photographing a monument or a statue. Like beauty found in nature, man made structures can have an aesthetic quality in their own way. Twenty-three readers sent [...]

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Hold still, please

Using a good, sturdy tripod is the best way to ensure that your pictures are shake-free. However, not everyone likes to carry one around all the time. Depending on the model, they tend to be bulky, heavy and awkward to use. I’m one of those people. If I have a subject that I definitely know [...]

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June outtakes: Back on track

We’re all caught up again. Here are my 10 favorite photos from June. Enjoy!   ____________________________________________________  6/12/18 A kite surfer skims across the waters of the Sacramento River off of the shores of Sherman Island County Park near Rio Vista. The area has become a Mecca for kite boarders and windsurfers due to its consistently [...]

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May outtakes: Oops! I did it again

Once again my apologies. I got busy and forgot to post my outtakes from May. So without further delay, here are my 10 favorite photos from May to be followed shortly by the June outtakes. ______________________________________________________ 5/4/18 Edison High cheerleader Alexis Rieta, 16, is reflected in the window of a minivan while scrubbing it down [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Bridges

In Stockton and San Joaquin County there are many rivers, sloughs and creeks that make their way through the city. With those bodies of water come many bridges that cross them and thus the inspiration for the next Readers PhotoChallenge assignment: Bridges. I grew up in the small Delta community of Walnut Grove. It’s nestled [...]

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Readers Photo Challenge: More than window dressing

Windows is the subject of the latests Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Using something in the foreground to frame your subject is a compositional technique that’s often used in photography. What better frame to use than a window? Twenty six readers sent in 96 photos. Many delved beyond the subject matter and entered photos that were [...]

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