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Clifford Oto, an award-winning photographer, has been with The Record since 1984. Through the changes from black and white to digital photography, he’s kept his focus on covering the events, people and life of San Joaquin county. This blog deals with photography, camera gear, the photos taken for the paper and the stories behind them.

Virtual travelogue #3: San Diego – Down by the sea

San Diego is a costal town and offers great access to the sea and ocean wildlife.

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Virtual travelogue #2: The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is world famous and is a must-see attraction if you’re ever in the city. Here are just some of the animals that can be seen there.

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April 1st News: 2020 edition

Rogue Muppets invade town ———————— Delta offers levitation course. ———————— Vape inventor doubles down on new device ———————— Parallel dimension as boring as ours ———————— Nikon introduces “Tiger Roar” feature on newest cameras Nikon announced that it’s newest flagship DSLR, the D6, will feature a “Tiger Roar” option. When enabled, instead of a normal clicky […]

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Virtual travelogue #1: San Diego – Part 1

With the current coronavirus stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders we’re all stuck at home so I’m starting a virtual travelogue. If we can’t travel, then we can at least look at pictures of them. First stop: San Diego.

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: On the Homefront

With state and local edicts of “stay-at-home” (or even for some counties the more strict “shelter-in-place”) in effect during this time of the COVID-19 virus, getting out to take pictures is more difficult than ever. I struggled to come up with a subject for the next challenge, then I remembered an assignment I had back […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Planting the seeds of creativity

The subject current Readers Photo Challenge assignment is “plants.” Those who participated were tasked in creatively photographing anything from lowly blades of grass to a stately redwood and everything in between. The best photos took advantage of light, composition and weather conditions to come up with their images. Thirty-two readers sent in 162 photos. Here […]

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More than just the camera

Kevin Richtik, owner/operator of Caroline Photography in Stockton, posted a bit of a rant on social media a few weeks ago. In response to a Yahoo article with the headline “This Canon 80D DSLR camera will turn you into a pro photographer,” Richtik wrote: “Yahoo must subscribe to the ‘if I buy the same stethoscope […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment:Plant-based pictures

With all the sunshine and warm weather we’ve been having lately it seems like an early spring has arrived, and so the the Readers Photo Challenge will take advantage of that. Plants will be the subjects of the next assignment. Anything from a lowly weed to a grand sequoia is fair game. You can find […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Pets: Our friends, our family

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France Pets are the subjects of the latest Readers Photo Challenge. The animals that share our lives are more than just our pets. We feed and house them and in return they give us unconditional love and companionship. Twenty-two readers sent […]

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Going beyond the technical

Many novice photographers may think that learning how to use their cameras is the be all and end all of photography. While mastering shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO is important, it’s just beginning of the process, not the end. Each genre of photography has its own characteristics to master. Having skills in one area may […]

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