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Clifford Oto, an award-winning photographer, has been with The Record since 1984. Through the changes from black and white to digital photography, he’s kept his focus on covering the events, people and life of San Joaquin county. This blog deals with photography, camera gear, the photos taken for the paper and the stories behind them.

Motion for the people

From trying to take pictures of a swiftly moving mountain stream to images of your dog romping through the grass at a park to a baseball pitcher throwing a fastball, getting pictures of things that are moving have always been a challenge for the beginning photographer. There are 3 basic “rules” for capturing motion in […]

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Smoke and mirrorless

I haven’t talked much about digital mirrorless cameras in this space for the simple fact that I haven’t had much experience with them. I’ve read about them and even held one in my hands but that’s it. Mirrorless cameras were first introduced around 2008. By 2018 they accounted for nearly half of all camera sales. […]

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Readers Photo Challenge assignment: Water works

The subject for this month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment is water. Water is an interesting substance to photograph. In its purest form it’s colorless. You can add color to it and it can take on color from what’s around it. It’s also formless, taking its shape from whatever it’s contained in. It’s transparent but under […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Out in the open

This month’s Readers Photo Challenge assignment was an open one, meaning that the choice of subject was up to each individual photographer. While that may sound like freedom to do what they want for some, for others it may seem like a lack of direction. The choice of subjects was wide ranging as the challenge […]

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Good enough to eat

During this time of the pandemic we’ve all spent more time at home and most of us have done more home cooking than we’re used to. Perhaps you’ve tried out new recipes and made new dishes that have been particularly tasty. Maybe you’ve tried to take pictures of your successes only to have them fall […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Open season

The first Readers Photo Challenge assignment of 2021 is going to be an open one. That is, the subject is open for you to decide. More over the time period, normally 2 weeks, will be extended retroactively to Dec. 22 and forward to Jan. 26. Some may think that having an unlimited choice of subjects […]

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Top 100: A most memorable year

In years past I have posted a top 10 review at of each month’s photos. But my duties have increased this year. Not only have I shot photo assignments and enterprise pictures but I write a weekly column for The Record, and manage content for the Recordnet’s Instagram account. In addition I have been writing […]

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Twinkle, twinkle little Christmas lights

The beginning of December is the start of the holiday season and already many people have put up their Christmas lights. Some displays are pretty spectacular and you may want to take some photos of them. Here are a few tips to get the best pictures you can. Avoid using a flash. Either you will […]

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Readers Photo Challenge: Turning over a new leaf

Fall color is the subject of the latest Readers Photo Challenge assignment. Many may think that springtime is the most colorful time of the year with the blooming of flowers and such, but in its own way, fall can equal the vibrancy of spring. The leaves of many trees turn to a variety of hues […]

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Winning isn’t everything but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Entering contests can be a way to sharpen your photographic skills. It can teach you how to edit your photos and push you to become a better photographer. But what does it take to win? I’ve entered many contests and even won a few. I’ve even been a judge also, so I’ve been on both […]

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