Blast from the past: The eyes have it

Dave LaBelle, a 35-year photojournalist and educator who has worked for newspapers in cities ranging from Anchorage, Pittsburg and Sacamento, calls the search for enterprise feature photos the Great Picture Hunt. He even has created two books with that same name.  Sometimes it can be likened to fishing, driving around trolling for pictures. Other times it can be like hunting, finding a perfect spot and laying in wait for your prey, uh, subject to appear.

Shawna Kleemeyer of Stockton, passes a mural of an owl’s face on a fence surrounding the constuction site of the Hotel Stockton rennovation in downtown Stockton as she walks home from work. The mural is one of several painted by delta College art students to brighten up parts of the construction fence. (Camera: Nikon D1H. Lens: Nikkor 80-200mm @ 105mm. 1/500th sec. @ f/8. ISO: 200)

4/5/2001: A plywood wall was put up around the Hotel Stockton during its renovation. Delta College art students were commissioned to create large murals to be displayed on those walls. One of the paintings was an intensely colored owl. I used the natural compression a telephoto lensto give the photo some visual impact and simply waited until somebody to walk by. It was a low foot-traffic area so I had to wait awhile. The danger in that situation is getting distracted or bored and not being ready when the time comes to take the picture. But someone eventually came into view and I got my shot.

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