When I grow up I want to be a…

Many kids at one time or another dream of being a firefighter, if for nothing else than to ride in the big red fire truck. Last Saturday, a group of city leaders and business people got a chance to see what it’s like to be one. The Stockton Professional Firefighters local 456 held it’s Fire Ops 101 event at station 2 in downtown Stockton. Designed to show local movers and shakers the importance of their work, off-duty firefighters showed their guests what it’s like to carry a water-laden hose up a fight of stairs, how to use the Jaws of Life devices, how to ventilate a roof with a chainsaw and what it’s like to be in a burning building. Riding in a fire truck is one of the few things they didn’t do.

Although the firefighters made it look easy, it was all hard work. The equipment was heavy, as were the hoses (a 50-foot length of 1-3/4″ fire hose weighs about 50 pounds) and it was a warm, sunny day which made the heavy coats like wearable ovens.

The attendees got to play firefighter for a day, perhaps fulfilling some childhood dreams. In the end a greater appreciation of what firefighters do was gained, even though they didn’t get to ride in a big red fire truck.

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