The 1st edition of the April First News

NASA budget cuts impacts new shuttle program.

(Camera: Canon 20D. Lens: Canon 300mm w/1.4 extender. Exposure: 1/320th sec. @ f/ 5.6. ISO: 100)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced today that recent budget cutbacks has forced the agency to downsize designs for the replacement for their aging shuttle fleet. Plans now call for a squadron of modified semi-tractor/truck big rigs. NASA spokesman Major Tom said the trucks will achieve orbit through a series of “really, really long ramps.” Other challenges include adapting CB radio technology to NASA communications and negotiating with the Truckers Union to allow NASA pilots to drive the trucks. “On the upside,” says Tom, “diesel propulsion is a tried and true technology. And the new shuttles can be serviced at thousands of truck stops nationwide.”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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