Avoiding cliches

(Camera: NIkon D300. Lens: Nikkor 17-55mm @ 17mm. Exposure: 1/250th sec. @ f/11. ISO: 100)

I shoot hundreds of assignments a year. I try hard to find a new and fresh approaches to shooting them, but I make thousands of individual pictures annually and it’s difficult to steer clear of cliches or to keep from repeating myself.

(Camera: NIkon D300. Lens: Nikkor 17-55mm @ 55mm. Exposure: 1/250th sec. @ f/11. ISO: 100)

Recently, when I pulled into a parking spot in the lot in front of the Stockton Ballpark and opened the door, a cliche was staring me in the face. A banana peel lay just outside the car door just waiting to be the cause of a stereotypical comedic pratfall. I envisioned Daffy Duck or Goofy slipping and tumbling to the ground, little stars and tweeting birds swirling around growing knots on their heads. Stepping over the peel gingerly, I was able to avoid a cliche for one day.

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