But I digress: Light my fire

This doesn’t have to do much with photography other than you need light to take a picture. A company called Wicked Lasers has introduced its new Torch flashlight. The company boasts that its the world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight.

The Torch looks like an ordinary Maglight flashlight, encased in a black cylindrical metal body, but it’s far from ordinary. Appropriately named, it puts out 4100 lumens (whatever that is) and can do things like fry and egg in just a few minutes and set paper on fire in seconds. It’s battery life is only 15 minutes, but think of all the fires you can start in that time. I know there’s no real need to have a flashlight that powerful, but I can’t help wanting one. As Home Improvement comedian/star Tim Allen would say: “More power!”

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