Winter weather tips

Our winter weather so far this year has been a bit schizophrenic. It’s as if the weather order form had just two boxes to fill out. For a sunny, Spring-like day, check box “A”, for a rainy day check box “B”. I know that we’re in a drought and we need every drop of precipitation that we can get, but me, I’d take my number two pencil and blacken in box “A” every time.

I know I sound like a spoiled Californian, and I guess I am. After all, during the same time period the East Coast has been suffering under a ferocious snow storm, snarling traffic, grounding air flights and closing schools. Although February has gone out like a lion and March come in the same way, I’m guessing our snowbound fellow Americans would prefer our showers-and-sunshine combo weather to the frosty grip that Ol’ Man Winter has on them.

On a recent post, the New York Times Gadgetwise blog gave 5 tips on winter photography. Rik Fairlie advised how to keep your camera from fogging up, the need to keep extra batteries with you and how to keep batteries warm from energy-sapping cold temperatures, the proper use of a tripod in the snow, boosting your ISOs in cloudy situations and proper snow exposures.  Given our recent weather patterns, there are really only two winter photography tips for Central California: Bring an umbrella or some sunscreen.

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