Light savings

(Camera: Canon 20D. Canon 50mm macro. Exposure: 1/30th sec. @ f/2.5. ISO: 400)

My family usually puts up our Christmas lights a little after Thanksgiving and takes them down around the first of the year. A couple of years ago we invested in some LED lights. Although more expensive than the traditional incandescent light bulbs, they use far less energy to run and are much more durable. I’ve manhandled the LEDs in ways that would have left every last bulb on a traditional strand of lights in a shattered mess, with nary a scratch.

We haven’t compared our electric bill with previous years, but I can tell that they use less electricity than the old lights. The LEDs are cold to the touch when lit. With the old incandescents, I would plug them in to keep my hands warm from the chilly Fall weather. I figure it may take a few years to recoup the costs through a lower energy bills, but that, combined with a near unbreakablity, makes up for a few cold fingers.

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