Hanging ten

Here are 10 of my favorite pictures from the past year. I’ve shot nearly 1,000 assignments in 2008 and I could have easily come up with 10 completely different photos that I’d be happy with. As in past years, I set aside a folder of favorite photos from those assignments. They could be great shots or great stories behind the shot, but they’re pictures that in some way have stood out for me. This year’s count was well over 700 photos.

Editing pictures can be a tough job. There might be pictures that you have an emotional attachment to but are not among your best. One has to view them with a dispassionate eye. I culled down the 700 to 60 of my favorites for a year-end online gall
ery and slide show (click on the above links to view them).

It was hard enough to get it down to those, but it took quite a bit more hair-pulling to edit them down to the ten you see here (I’m still second guessing myself). I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did shooting them. Here’s another fruitful and productive year.

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