(Camera: Nikon D300. Lens: Nikkor 300mm. Exposure: 1/500th sec. @ f/4. ISO: 200)

All of the games I shot over the 08-09 high school football season have been on Friday nights, with nights being the operative word. It wasn’t too bad. Most of the evenings were relatively warm and I only got rained on once (even then only lightly). Most of the stadiums even had decent light. Saturday’s championship game was at the University of the Pacific’s A.A. Stagg Memorial Stadium during the day. Great I thought. No more using high ISOs and razor-thin depth of field from using wide-open apertures.

I got to the stadium about an hour before the start of the game and though the forecast called for rain, the sky was mostly sunny and blue with a smattering of light clouds. I wore my warm wool coat, perhaps a mistake I thought. I had left my wool cap and gloves at work, but kept my coat just in case things got cold.

Just before the game started, dark gray clouds rolled in and a stiff, steady breeze developed. I zipped up my jacket all the way. For most of the first half, it was cold and dark. My hands and ears stung from the bitter cold. I was really missing my hat and gloves.

The sun came out for a short time in he second half and though I tried to stay in the sunny spots the best I could, the damage was done and I was still chilled to the bone.

I got back to the office and it took some time for me to thaw out. It could’ve been worse, I guess. At least it didn’t rain.

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