Knocking at the backdoor

The other day I heard some chatter on the police scanner about an evacuation of some kind. The location that was given was California and Washington Streets, right behind The Record’s building in downtown Stockton. Curious, I walked out back, camera in hand. In the city’s “R” parking lot several hundred people were gathered.

It turns out they were county employees from the Human Services Building about two blocks away. They were participating in an annual fire drill and that parking lot is one of the designated assembly areas. Employees assigned to be in charge of their respective areas of the building made sure everyone was accounted for. Traffic was blocked briefly, though perhaps not brief enough for drivers waiting, when the throng crossed the street as they filtered back to the building.

Sometimes I have to travel far and wide to get an enterprise feature photo. There have been days where I’ve spent hours driving around the city and beyond only to find a meager picture or even nothing. So it makes a nice treat when they literally show up at my backdoor.

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