To flash, or not to flash

“Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a moment…”  – Joseph Addison

Lincoln High’s Dewitt Stuckey tries to break free from Vintage High’s Levi Pruett (33), Trevor McLaughlin and Jake Lenning during a varsity football game at Lincoln in Stockton. (Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: Nikkor 300mm. Exposure: 1/250 sec., @ f/2.8. ISO :1600)

For many photographers one of the hardest things to figure out is how and when to use their flash. It’s usually the last discipline they master. The first time they see the effects of the dreaded red-eye or a blasted-out subject with a background that falls off into a deep and impenetrable darkness, they stuff the flash back into their camera bag. They only use it when there’s absolutely no other choice, and even then reluctantly.

Check out this great post on the subject on the “Night Photography Blog by Andy Frazer.” It shows a side-by-side comparison of shooting with and without flash.

Here’s a little something extra on this April 1st. Enjoy!

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