Just a little light

Sometimes you need lots of lights to illuminate a subject, other times just a little can do the trick.

(Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: 17-35mm & 35mm. Exposure: 1/500 sec., @ f/8. ISO: 200)

Although this cherry tree near Pixie Woods in Stockton was in bright sunlight, the more interesting picture was on the shady side of thee tree. Just of sliver of light cut through the dappled blooms and kissed a single blossom.

(Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: 80-200mm & 200mm. Exposure: 1/500 sec., @ f/5.6. ISO: 200)

A shaft a light sliced between two buildings and side lit this magnolia blossom near Budd Center on the Delta College campus in Stockton. The shady background went dark making the flower pop out even more.

Like they say, sometimes less is more.

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