(Camera: Nikon D2X. Lens: Nikkor 17-35mm @ 35mm. Exposure: f/18 @ 1/125 sec. ISO: 100)

It’s a rare occasion when shooting a studio shot that it all works out right off the bat, at least for me. I usually have to play around with the lighting, add some here, take away some there, maybe change a colored gel. That’s the way it was for this shot on non-traditional drink garnishes.

I set a martini glass with the colorful garnishes on a sheet of glass, which in turn was set on my handy PVC frame. I placed one of the Dyna-Lite studio lights on the floor to illuminate the set up from below. I aimed a second light with a blue gel on a grey background.  The blue distracted from the colorful subjects, so I removed it and threw just enough light on the background so it wouldn’t go completely black.

The light from was below was too powerful, blasting out the scene even at the strobe’s lowest setting. I covered the light with a white cloth to cut down the exposure. The folds of fabric combined with the distortion of the glass made an interesting patterned and gave the shot a little extra tweak.

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