Camera: Canon 20D. Lens: Canon 16-35mm @ 17mm. Exposure: f/5.6 @ 1/250, ISO 200)

I didn’t post yesterday due to bit a mishap at home. Our dog Lucy loves to run and I just can’t keep up on foot. I take her out for a run, holding her leash while I ride my bicycle and even then there are times where it’s difficult to stay with her.
Yesterday, I took her out for a ride/run. Just a few minutes into it, she pulled me off the bike and I went for a tumble in the street. I scraped my shoulder and elbow, took a bigger divot out of my knee and pulled a muscle along my ribcage (at least I hope it’s a pulled muscle).

(Camera: Canon 20D. Lens: Canon 16-35mm @ 16mm. Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/40, ISO 200)

It was my fault, really. We spotted the bane of suburban life, a pigeon, strutting on the ground about 30 yards ahead of us. I said to Lucy ” let’s go get ‘im!” I sped up and Lucy, running to my left, went into full bird dog mode. At about 10 yards, the dirty bird took off, flying low to the ground. It flew ahead of us for a few seconds and suddenly veered right. Lucy naturally chased after it and crossed in front of the bike. Instinctively, I let go of the leash, but the end of it caught the hub of the front wheel and Lucy pulled the bike out from under me. I was surprised that at my age I was still spry enough do a forward shoulder roll. After I came to a stop, I made my way over to the curb a assessed the damage. Lucy came over looking at me with big apologetic eyes. We returned home, bandaged my wounds and, undeterred, continued our ride without any more excitement.

There’s a term in Japanese known as bachi. It’s loosely defined as what goes around, comes around, but there’s a little more to it than that. It’s not exactly revenge, for the one being offended doesn’t have to be the one handing out the retribution. It’s a little more karmic. If you do something bad, then something, not necessarily the same thing, but a bad thing, will happen to you.

Who knew it applied to pigeons too?

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