We love Lucy

This past weekend we got a dog. The kids have been wanting one for some time now and we felt that they were ready for the responsibility. It’s up to them to feed, walk and clean up after her. They’ve done a great job so far, and although neither of them are clamoring to do the cleaning up after part, they still do it.

We adopted¬† Lucy from the Homeward Bound Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary in Elverta, just north of Sacramento. They’re a non-profit organization dedicated to finding good homes to displaced or homeless golden retrievers and retriever-mixes.

With Lucy, a retriever/lab mix, it was love at first sight. At an estimated 8-months old, Lucy is already housebroken and is a sweetheart. we’re surprised at how calm she is. She’s just a comfortable just sitting near us while we watch TV as she is going our for a walk. She’s a photogenic dog with a lot of personality: sweet, quiet and sometimes a little goofy. I have a feeling there will be a lot of photos of Lucy around the house.¬† I now understand why the Recordnet.com’s readers’ pet gallery is so popular. The pets that they love are a part of their families.

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