Mini studio

To take this picture of the Canon PowerShot A460 camera that I talked about in the previous post, I made a makeshift mini light tent to illuminate it. The light tent, also called a light shed among other things, is used in small product photography. It can provide nearly shadowless light to illuminate whatever is being shot. They average around the $100 range, depending on the size (some of the fancier ones can get pretty pricey, though).

For this photo I used a couple of large envelopes (16″x20″). The first one I used as a seamless backdrop, curving it up at the end. The second one, I cut open to make one large sheet. I folded it so that it would stand up like a tent above the camera being shot. I placed 2 Nikon SB-80 flashes, each equipped with my cheapo radio slaves, on either side of the tent. Shooting the strobes through the paper diffused the light which also bounced around the tent eliminating most of the shadows.

I’d like to say the set up was my idea, but I got it from a blog called  Strobist. Authored by Baltimore Sun photographer David Hobby, it’s a site dedicated to lighting on the cheap. It shows how to light situations quickly, with sophistication, and with a minimum of equipment. The Strobist motto is “Less gear. More brain. Better light”. Amen to that.

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