Fanfare for the common man

Wide receiver/defensive back B’Jay Jones enters the Stockton Arena at the start of a recent Arena2 Football Game in Stockton.

At the start of each Stockton Lightning Arena2 football game, fireworks are set off from two rails set on the floor of the Stockton Arena. As the starting players enter when their names are called out over the arena’s public address system, a shot of sparks fly into the air. After the starters are done, the rest of team runs in, also heralded by a firey show.

By the time last of the coaching staff runs onto the field at the end, the fireworks are all used up and there’s nothing but leftover smoke for them to make their way through. I know the players are supposed to get all the attention and maybe rightfully so. They’re the ones the fans come to see play the game. Maybe they could give the coaches a couple of sparklers so they could see their way through the haze.

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