Ain’t he heavy, he’s my brother

With her parents nearby, 5-year-old Genvie Salcedo of Stockton, carries her 18-pound, 19-month-old brother Emmanuel with a little difficulty while on a family walk through Victory Park in Stockton.

This is just a cute shot, but I had to go into a full “hunter” mode to get it. I was driving around Victory Park in Stockton when I saw this family out for a walk with their little girl struggling to carry her even littler brother. I thought it’d a quick and easy shot. But, by the time I pulled over and got out of the car (about 50 yards ahead so that I could get them coming towards me), the dad had relieved his daughter of her carrying duties. I almost gave up right there, but I decided that if it happened once, there’s a chance that it might happen again. I walked ahead of them, in sort of a reverse-shadowing, as they continued on their way. They stopped at a park table and rested for several minutes. I waited under the shade of a palm tree (meaning not much shade). The family got up and headed in the opposite direction from whence they came. I followed them at a discreet distance and after about 100 yards or so, the daughter begged to carry her brother again. I did my best photographer’s run (holding your upper body still to keep your camera and/or bag from flopping around while your legs scurry about) to catch up to them. I said, “HiI’mwithTheRecordthey’rereallycutedoyoumindifIgetapictureofthem?”, before the situation could change again. The parents agreed to let me get a shot and I got pictures as they continued to walked.
Like I said, it’s not much, just cute, but I felt I spent too much time and effort to comeback empty handed.

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