Admitting you have a problem is the first step

Tony Sedillo, left, and Aurelia Vrandecic-Sedillo of Stockton, take in a colorful sunset at Buckley Cove Park in Stockton.

Hi, my name is Clifford and I’m a silhouette junkie.

I like silhouettes because of the strong graphic element that they provide. Bold dark figures set against a colorful background make for dramatic pictures. To get one that works, the main subject needs to be separated from other things that may be also silhouetted in the picture. Otherwise, they will all blend together in an unrecognizable blob. For this shot, I had to literally lay belly down on the ground at the edge of a street, to get the right angle. I had one eye looking through the camera and the other checking for cars. With the long lens I was using, it was the only way to set the couple apart from the tree line in the distance and get the sunset. But aside for being just a bit dirty, I was none the worse for wear, especially for a silhouette junkie.

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